Wear a bikini to eat hot pot in the middle of the pool

Many businesses in China have devised all kinds of "unique tricks" to attract tourists.

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Located in southwestern China, Chongqing is one of the provinces with the longest and hottest summer in the country. Summer here can reach over 40 degrees Celsius.

But despite the hot weather, people still have the habit of eating super spicy hot pot, one of the most famous dishes in the city. Visitors here are always encouraged to sample this typical local flavor.

In Chongqing, restaurant owners always think of "many ways" with many unique and strange factors to attract customers to eat hot pot. One of them is to sit in the cold water pots in the middle of the pool to enjoy this dish.

The video was recorded at a water park in Chongqing, showing diners eating hot pot in an "unprecedented" style. Due to sitting in the middle of the swimming pool, clothes are also somewhat different to suit the situation.

In addition, each customer is covered with a thin cloth in front of the chest to comfortably eat and drink.

Eat hot pot in the middle of the swimming pool.

However, some people hesitate about this new form of food. Experts also believe that this way of eating can affect the digestive system.

Diners enjoy Chongqing's super spicy hot pot.
Many restaurants in China are always finding new ways to attract customers.
Sometimes the waiter will pour more cold water on them if the guest feels hot.
The dining table is placed in the middle of the swimming pool.

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