10 "haunted" rumored roads of America

If you like creepy things, here are 10 best ways to "hunt ghosts" in America.

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1. Scout Road

There is no record of the death of any of the scouts on the same-named path in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, but stories spread from person to person.

One of them is about the Scouts being killed by their instructors. Another story tells about the catastrophic bus accident and the many spooky lanterns, shadows, and fingerprints many claims to have seen in the trees.

2. Road 2A

Street 2A in Aroostook County, Maine, inspired a country song called "Tombstones per mile". It is known to be a dangerous road for truck drivers, especially when sharp curves are covered with ice and snow during winter.

The drivers said they saw the ghost of a girl standing by the side of the road, as well as a woman begging them to help her husband. But as she approached, the woman had disappeared without a trace.

3. Road Annie

Annie Street in Totowa, New Jersey, named for the ghost of a woman named Annie, was, according to an oral story, stabbed to death by a truck during her prom night over the years of the 1960s.

"Annie's Road" or Annie Street, is just a nickname. Its real name is Riverview Drive. Some drivers reported hearing screams coming from the mysterious fog while their cell phone lost signal. For added spooky looks, this street is right next to Totowa's Laurel Grove Cemetery.

4. Road 44

Drivers on 44th Street in Rehoboth, Massachusetts, reported seeing a red-haired man in a shirt and jeans smiling strangely as cars passed by.

One driver recounted that he drove this man when he asked for a ride, but then he strangely disappeared from the back seat. The story of the ghost Street 44 is rewritten in the book "Ghost Records in New England" by Charles Turek Robinson.

5. Clinton Street

According to legend, Clinton Street in West Milford, New Jersey, was haunted by a ghost boy. Locals say that if someone threw a coin down the creek, the ghost boy on Clinton Street would throw it back. Some visitors also claimed to have seen his figure on the water. This road also has a few stories about aliens and mysterious activities of worshiping Satan.

6. Archer Avenue

The legend of the Resurrected Mary has been circulating throughout Archer Avenue in Chicago, Illinois since the 1930s.

The story tells that a woman named Mary ran out of ball after a quarrel with her dance partner. She crashed into a car on the road and died. But since then, the girl's unjust soul has continuously haunted this famous street.

In 1976, the police here received a phone call from a woman informing her that she was locked inside the Graveyard located on Archer Avenue. But when the police arrived, they found only scorch on the bent gate but found no whereabouts of any woman.

7. Road Shadow of Death

This road with a horrifying name is located in Warren, New Jersey. If the name doesn't scare you off, people will tell you a series of creepy murders that happened there in the 1920s and 1930s. According to other stories, the road gets a name like It is now due to the number of people killed in malaria epidemics that occurred in the 1850s.

8. Kelly Street

Kelly Street in Ohioville, Pennsylvania is also known as "The Strange Mile". The name comes from the story of a couple who died in a carriage accident on the road. The wife's neck was broken and the husband was crushed and died slowly. The local people said that they sometimes heard the horse carriage overturning and moans for help resounded on the road.

9. Dead Curve

Dead Curve is named for sharp, dangerous turns, but this one in Clermont County, Ohio is more appropriate, especially since it was rumored to be a haunted road with a crash in 1960 at the intersection of Road 222 and Road 125. Residents reported that they still saw a man who was not present regularly in the early morning.

10. Riverdale Road

Riverdale Road between Thornton and Brighton, Colorado, is the subject of countless gossip stories.

One of the most haunting stories on this 18km-long trail is about “Jogger's Hill” - a running zombie who often knocks on the door of a car and leaves its fingerprints on the window.

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