CNN continues to play videos promoting Vietnamese tourism

A 30-second video introducing the most beautiful landscapes in Vietnam is to be shown on CNN from October 15.

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The 30-second video showcases the country's best views from north to south, conveying the message of a safe, new and attractive destination. At the end of the video, the question "When you are ready to go back, why not come to Vietnam?" intended for post-Covid-19 international visitors.

Broadcasting a video to promote Vietnam tourism is part of the second tourism stimulus program. CNN Television will show this video from now to mid-November, a time when a large audience watches the US presidential election.

In addition to media on American television channels, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism continues to prepare for other media and marketing campaigns, attracting international visitors during this period.

This is not the first time the Vietnamese tourism industry has advertised on international media channels. This summer, BBC Asia-Pacific has broadcasted a video introducing Da Nang tourism in 30 seconds. Previously, Hanoi spent $ 2 million to promote its images on CNN in the two years 2017-2018.

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