Explore the city of Cape Town

Known as the most livable city in South Africa, Cape Town is in the top 100 most beautiful cities in the world with its wild natural beauty but very modern living environment and friendly people.

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Cape Town city in the Republic of South Africa, is home to the majority of high-level government agencies and is the legislative capital of South Africa today. Every year, Cape Town attracts a lot of tourists because of its beautiful natural landscape and many international architectural works.

The ideal time to travel to Cape Town

Cape Town city is characterized by a Mediterranean climate with cool winters, high humidity, and hot dry summers. The best time to travel to South Africa is in spring, because the weather here is quite pleasant, the temperature ranges from 12 degrees C to 16 degrees C, maybe a little spring rain but not too cold.

Visitors can travel to South Africa in any season of the year.

What does Cape Town have to visit?

Table Mountain

Table Mountain is one of the seven new natural wonders of the world with its flat shape like a table top. Visitors can reach the mountain by cable car or climb, depending on their preference. Table Mountain is also a symbol of South Africa, used to print on the flag of the city of Cape Town and is the most famous tourist destination in this country.

Coming to Table Mountain, visitors can take souvenir photos, breathe the fresh air, explore nature with the rich Mediterranean flora and fauna.

Cable car to bring visitors going up Table Mountain.

The city of Cape Town is famous for being the producer of a wide variety of wines that are famous for high quality around the world. Visitors can visit vineyards, harvest ripe grapes themselves and see how wine is processed at the wineries.

Some vineyards and wineries you can visit such as Groot Constantia Vineyard, Beau Constantia Vineyard, Eagles ‘Nest Vineyard, ...

Groot Constantia winery, Cape Town city.

Penguins in Boulder Sea

One of the certain things not to be missed when traveling to Cape Town is to visit and take photos with penguins at Boulder Beach. There will be penguins' houses all over the beach and walkways for visitors, very interesting because you can see penguins at a close distance.

Penguins at Boulder Coast.

Swim with white shark

This is one of the adventure games, not for the faint of heart. Visitors will be brought into a large iron cage and hundreds of ferocious white sharks with sharp jaws swim around. However, do not worry too much because this activity has been tested for safety. The thing to do is that visitors should find out and choose services from reputable companies.

Visitors experience the feeling of swimming with white sharks.

Visiting beer companies

The city of Cape Town is home to many major brewers and wineries of the world such as the South African beer company, Woodstock brewery, Devils Peak beer company, ... Tourists can choose from tours on visiting the brewery, wine factory to see firsthand the production process and enjoying beer are also interesting experiences that visitors should try.

Explore the central road

Walking along the Long street in the heart of Cape Town city, visitors will have the opportunity to explore traditional South African cuisine in restaurants, resorts at homestays, hotels, or spoil for entertainment in Bars, pubs along the road.

A corner of downtown Cape Town.

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