The beauty of the modern pyramids

The image of ancient Egyptian pyramids inspired modern structures built from glass and steel.

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Louvre Pyramid: This pyramid is the work of famous architect Leoh Ming Pei, located in the middle of Napoleon courtyard of the Louvre Museum (Paris, France). The work was built of glass and metal in 1983. Located at the main entrance of the second largest museum in the world, the 21-meter high glass pyramid becomes a familiar check-in point for tourists visiting Paris. Photo: Guy Lejeune.

Luxor Hotel: Located in Las Vegas (USA), Luxor is a large-scale hotel in the world with more than 4,400 rooms. Since it was announced in 1993, the hotel has become famous for its unique pyramid shape. The 30-storey pyramid-shaped skyscraper is made of steel and glass, and the design has an additional sphinx statue in the front for an impressive look. Photo: JeniFoto.

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Pyramid of Memphis: Having the same name as the ancient Egyptian city of Memphis, 106 meters high pyramid is located on the banks of the Mississippi River (USA). Initially, this place operated as a 20,000-seat sports and entertainment arena until 2004. After that, the 65 million dollar structure was closed and abandoned. In 2015, the pyramid of Memphis reopened, becoming a sports and hunting items retail store. Photo: Sean Davis.

Muttart Greenhouse: One of the most unique architecturally complexes of modern plant greenhouse in North America, Muttart stands out on the skyline of the city of Edmonton in Alberta, Canada. Muttart consists of 4 giant glass pyramids with dimensions of over 370 m2 and 660 m2. The three pyramids create a temperate, tropical, desert-like environment, and the other is used as a seasonal greenhouse. Photo: Colin Keigher.

Peace Palace: Completed in just 2 years at a cost of about 58 million USD, the Peace Palace was inaugurated in 2006. The inside of the pyramid is considered by the Kazakh government as a "symbol of friendship, unity, and peace". You will find an opera house, a national history museum, a library, research center. As Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev said, the 62-meter high mansion is for world religious: "The four sides of the palace are facing the four sides of the world". Photo: Itinari.

Slovak Radio headquarter: The upside-down pyramid-shaped radio building is the symbolic image of Bratislava, Slovakia. This bizarre structure was completed in 1983 after 16 years of construction. The building's design is suitable for radio broadcasts, the main recording studios are arranged in thick insulated walls. Photo: Trabantos.

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Center: Sunway Pyramid is one of the largest shopping malls in Malaysia with an area of 372,000 m2. Here, visitors will find a series of large pharaoh statues, hieroglyphs, and a giant Sphinx "guarding" in front of the building. Photo: Cmglee.

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