The resort city donates money to 1,000 visitors for the fall vacation

To receive a $ 100 allowance, these travelers need to book at least 2 nights directly in advance with a hotel in Glenwood Springs, USA from now until November 30.

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Glenwood Springs is famous for being home to the largest hot spring pool in the world, spectacular mountain views ... (Photo: coloradoinfo)

The resort city of Glenwood Springs is one of America's unique destinations, stretching across the Colorado Rocky Mountains, with stunning mountain views, unique hot springs, and luxurious accommodations.

It is also a prime spot for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, fishing, rafting, rock climbing, skateboarding, and skiing. The historic center of Glenwood Springs attracts visitors with its many eye-catching shops, art galleries, and restaurants.

Glenwood Springs Largest Hot Spring Swimming Pool. (Photo: Glenwood Springs)

As more and more tourist destinations across the United States open to welcome returning visitors, Glenwood Springs stimulates tourism with an "additional bonus".

It is to donate to the first 1,000 visitors to come here this fall vacation each person 100 USD to spend at local restaurants, hotels, attractions, shops. Of course, visitors still need to comply with the rules of social distance.

The main attraction of Glenwood Springs is water, so it has long been a popular resort destination for many tourists. (Photo: Glenwood Springs)

To be eligible, guests need to book at least 2 nights in advance with a Glenwood Springs hotel, by filling out the online form on the website: Visit Glenwood Springs.

It can then come any day of the week from Sunday to Thursday, between now and November 30.

Glenwood Springs' Yampah is not only the largest in the world, but also among the hottest in Colorado - according to the city's tourism website. (Photo: uncovercolorado)

Glenwood Springs is one of the hot spring destinations in the Rocky Mountains. Especially the Yampah - natural geothermal saunas in caves, exploiting underground natural hot mineral stream flowing through the rocky layers at a temperature of 125 degrees F (more than 51 degrees C), "scored plus "much for the city.

Glenwood Springs is arguably Colorado's first and best healthcare destination. (Photo: visitglenwood)

At Yampah, there are also massage treatments and body treatments to give guests a unique experience. Many people come here to soak in natural hot mineral water to heal, relax and recharge life energy.

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