Experience "wandering" throughout Sweden, exploring the open nature

Wherever you are in Sweden, nature is never far away. The cities are very green, adventure through the mountains is great ... But the countryside is the "dream" of nature-loving tourists.

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The freedom to "wander" is an important part of Swedish culture. (Photo: visitsweeden)

As a country dealing with Covid-19 differently to create "community immunity", since July the Swedish tourism industry has gradually recovered after more international tourists were allowed to enter.

Sweden is the third-largest country but has the second-lowest population density in Europe, so anywhere in this Green - Clean - Beautiful wonderful country visitors can immerse themselves in the vast open space and freedom to explore countless interesting things.

Famous Abisko village in northern Sweden, about 250km from the Arctic Circle.

With its breathtaking natural beauty, rich wildlife and fresh space "at your fingertips", Sweden is considered by experts to "should be at the top of the tourist destination list of any nature lover of course ”.

Access to nature is an important part of the Swedish lifestyle, especially the great outdoor space plays an important role in the life of the community.

Laponia World Heritage is a picturesque mountain region. (Photo: laponiaadventures)

Coming to Sweden, do not forget to look up because the sky contains much magic to explore, especially when you explore the primeval forests or remote islands.

In the winter, visitors will be able to enjoy the most amazing light show on Earth - a magical auroras that illuminates the night sky in Lapland. In summer, a scene of the sun that appears at midnight turns the darkness into a pale pink or lavender purple halo.

The Aurora Borealis occurs frequently in winter in northern Sweden. (Photo: visitsweeden)

It's the free way of “wander around” and have direct access to nature, making spending more time outdoors great in Sweden a truly exhilarating experience. 

There are many open spaces for visitors to gain experience. For example, with a network of 30 national parks that is no different from enchanting mazes with countless "wildflowers on green grass", identical mountains, fresh beaches, and green forests covered proximity 700 thousand hectares.

The scene of the sun appearing at midnight brings the sky to life. (Photo: visitsweeden)

Many attractive destinations, such as the famous village Abisko in the north about 250km from the Arctic Circle, can be reached by train or car. But there are also trails for hikers, in winter one can ski or sit on a dog sled.

The Härjedalen Mountains are an area where visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery without having to walk or climb hard. While kayaking is the optimal choice to explore the Stockholm archipelago with nearly 24,000 small islands scattered.

See the scenic of Härjedalen mountains. (Photo: jht.se)

Laponia World Heritage is a picturesque mountain region with 4 huge national parks. This place is the hometown of the Sámi people, who grazed the reindeer thousands of years ago.

Further south, you can walk or ski to Sarek near the border with Norway. This is one of the great surviving pristine regions of Europe, home to quirky mountains and glaciers shielding rare wildlife such as elk, lynx, wolves and arctic fox ...

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