The most attractive driving roads in the world

Self-driving to explore new lands always brings many different experiences, especially when conquering passes or crossing windy waters.

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Challenging curves on the Stelvio Pass. Source: Alamy

Stelvio Pass, Italy

Sitting in a car through the Stelvio Pass is a completely different experience. With about 60 U-shaped bends at an altitude of thousands of meters, this road is a real challenge for every driver. Most of the curves are in the middle of the mountain, one side is an abyss and the other is a steep cliff.

This pass can only pass between June and September. The best way is to go early in the morning, depart from Innsbruck, Austria and approach the pass from the north, round the Stelvio National Park and end in Bormio, Italy. Not only brings excitement through the bends, but this road also brings visitors to great viewing spots from above with picturesque vistas.

Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse, Austria

Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse Road. Source: Alamy

Only about 50km long, but this journey is one of the leading attractive driving roads in Europe. The car will pass through the clouds, winding through the area Hohe Tauern National Park, and take you to admire 37 different mountains.

Starting from Bruck in the Salzburg valley and ending at Carinthia, you will reach an altitude of about 2,500m - enough to see the panoramic view below with lakes, glaciers, pine hills, steep cliffs, and immense green fields.

Yukon Golden Circle, North America

Beautiful scenery on the way to Skagway. Source: Alamy

This journey crosses Chilkat pass - the natural border between Alaska, USA, and British Columbia province, Canada. You'll find lesser-known pristine areas, tall snow-capped mountains with passes in the middle, and small, peaceful towns at the feet of these mountains.

Pass roads take you from an altitude of about 1,200 meters down to Chilkat valley and Haines harbor. From here take a ferry to the beautiful town of Skagway, where you can explore the local culture and stay overnight. The next day, following the Klondike Highway, visitors continue to cross the pass, past the shimmering lakes and the Carcross desert to return to Whitehorse.

North Coast 500, Scotland

Journey on the North Coast 500. Source: Alamy

Departing from Inverness, this excursion takes you to the most isolated and remote roads of the Northwest Highlands of Scotland. On the North Coast 500, many beautiful mountains, lakes, castles, and coastlines await you along the 800km path.

From Inverness, visitors cross Loch Luichart with towering mountains with many challenging winding bends. The secluded roads continue to take you to enjoy the windy, untouched views of Ulllapool and Durness, admire the North Sea from Orkney Cape then follow the east coast back to Inverness.

Garden Route, South Africa

Garden Route, South Africa. Source: AP

This about 200km journey takes you to travel South Africa in a very new way. The old port town of Mossel Bay (a 4-hour drive from Cape Town) will be the starting point of your trip.

Head to the northeast following the N2 road to the foot of the Outeniqua mountain range, here visit the town of George with historical marks still evident on the works and buildings. Continue 20km to Wilderness National Park to admire the vast lakes and swamps with countless wild birds.

The next destination is the coastal resorts in the city of Sedgefield and Buffalo Bay; then take a break and admire the views at bars and restaurants at Knysna. Passing through Plesttenberg Bay - where there are golden sand beaches - you will come to the small town of Storms River for a rest before returning to the starting point.

Great Ocean Road, Australia

Twelve Apostles stone pillars are located along the coastline. Source:

Starting from Torquay, Victoria, you need to drive about 250km along the B100 to reach Warrnambool. Along the way, enjoy the winding trail on the banks of Apollo Bay, the Otway Mountains, and Melba Gully Gardens, filled with dense tropical forests.

The most exciting part is driving by the beach in Port Campbell National Park, where the stone pillars of Twelve Apostles line along the coast. Also on the journey, you can watch the waves at Bells Beach, lie on the sand in Anglesea, visit the charming ancient fishing village of Port Fairy or immerse yourself in the bustling art community in Lorne.

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