8 traditions of having a New year's eve party of countries in the world

Around the world, people of countries welcome the shift to a new year with their own unique customs. 

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Canada: In the countrysides of Canada, the night of new year's eve is time to catch fish on ice rivers with their friends. People can catch fish in ponds and ice rivers throughout the night before the new year outside or inside hubs equipped fireplace. 

Colombia: With hopes of a new year full of traveling activities and adventures, Colombian people often walked around their house with an empty suitcase on new year's eve. 

Finland: Finland people foresee next year by casting a melting tin into a water basin, then interpreting the solid metal shape afterward. A heart shape or a ring shape means a wedding, while a ship-shape predicts traveling, and a pig shape symbols for a wealthy year, abundant of food. 

Spain: In Spain, people have a custom of eating 12 grapes, one by one, on the moment of the countdown to a new year. Each grape symbols for luck in one month of the coming year. Anyone who can not eat out grape on the time clock stops to rang will face with 12 months of bad luck. In the big cities such as Madrid and Barcelona, every people gather at squares to eat grapes together and move each other cava bottles. 

Egypt: According to tradition, on the early days of a new year, onions are hung on the front door of houses as a symbol of regeneration. On new year's eve, parents will wake up their children by using onion to beat on their head. 

Denmark: The Danish celebrate a new year by throwing flying dishes, glasses, old crockeries at the houses of their relatives and friends. It represents a long-lasting affection and supposed to bring luck. Any family that has more broken dishes, the more luck they could expect in a new year. In addition, they also stand on chairs and jump down at the same time at midnight to "jump" into a new year.

Brazil: In Brazil, like other nations in Central and Southern America such as Ecuador, Bolivia, and Venezuela, people think that luck will come as they wear special underwear on new year's eve. The most popular color is red, meaning to have a new love in the coming year, and yellow color with means of bringing money. 

Philippines: The dining table in the Philippines often is placed full of fruits on new year's eve. The round shape symbols for coins. You have more items on a table, the more prosperous you would be in the new year. Many people eat completely 12 round fruits (the most favor is grape) or wear round spotted clothes to seek for luck. 

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