Admiring Amalfi - the miniature old town in Southern Phu Quoc island

From Navona square, Rome city to Verona balcony... Italy has made many tourists' hearts sobs. The mysterious and romantic look can be caught under sunset lights in Southern Phu Quoc. 

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Beautiful towns located on cliffs precariously, running along beaches are an unmistaken "specialty" of Amalfi - the famed town in Salerno, southern Italy. Half a round of the earth from there, still emerald water color and slopes lower toward the sea, a bright and colorful town named Sun Premier Village Primavera was created to reappear an enchanting Amalfi version in Southern Phu Quoc. 

The work like a miniature Amalfi in the tropical region, romantic and passionate, has been shaping under the foot of the world's longest Hon Thom cable car station. The project is a mixture between architectural heritage, European scenic with the Phu Quoc's nature picture of blue sea, white sand, and towering coconut trees.

Coming to Sun Premier Village Primavera these days, tourists get admiring the deep blue sky, listening to rustling waves of the sea, and feeling a warm skin under heat sunshine... These time color-tinted quarters evoke a feeling to the ones lying along the coast in Italy. The work is expected to create a strange and charming aftertaste for the south of pearl island. 

To sketch the town of Mediterranean land, Sun Premier Village Primavera has been invested a modern building mechanic and a fake antique theming art famous around the world. Not only covered by premier plains, but it also has nostalgic, and bold artistic walls that take a lot of time to complete. Rather than 2 layers often saw, the project has a 9-layers paint process meticulously and was carried out by skilled workers. It represents a gathering of effort, the intelligence of hundreds of international painters, and experts. 

Coming to the miniature Mediterranean in Southern Phu Quoc, tourists can admire corners like a picture, having bold European architecture. A dream of Europe is no longer far-away as you see multialtitude build multicolor houses with your own eyes, bold color windows as if wanting to invite the whole Italy summer to the land of sunshine and wind. 

Italy breaths put a personifying feel on the pretty staircase with an iron handrail. If the Rome sunset is marked by loving couples hand in hand, Amalfi by the sea of pear island promises to become a stopover of lovers. 

New check-in points in Phu Quoc gradually form at the project is at commerce and service complex of Central Village that takes an idea from the watch tower of Renassain time located in the center square of Venice city. 

Some other pictures of the Sun Premier Village Primavera:

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