As snow falls extraordinarily in the world's hot lands

Sometimes snow appears, covers landscapes, and brings about rare beauty for some places where are considered to be unable the most such as the Sahara desert, Las Vegas, and South Africa

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Sahara desert, Algeria: Immense yellow and orange sand dunes are the image people often think about as mentioning to the Sahara desert. However, in 2018, the famous desert became really strange due to the Sahara town in Ain Sefra, Algeria, and the surroundings experienced a rare snowfall. Abnormal wet level in the atmosphere and temperature falling sharply at night is the formula to create this unusual weather phenomenon. 

Athens, Greece: While Athens often tops the temperature list of Europe in the summer, this city has reached a record low in January 2019. The temperature lowered under 0 degrees Celsius and snow covered whole the ancient capital citadel, along with the southwest regions of Greece during a cold air spell spreading from Siberia to the Mediterranean. The snow covered a thin layer on remnants of Acropolis and the ancient relics which brought a spectacular scene. However, the harsh weather created chaos for the streets of Greece's capital. 

Barcelona, Spain: Carpet scrolling liked thick snowfall often has appeared in Catalonia, northern Spain, but it is rarer in the coastal capital of Barcelona. However, in early 2020, the Gloria storm caused the city to "shudder" with temperature lowering to an icy level. The city of sunshine beaches was affected by a cold spell of Siberia that swept almost southern Europe in January 2018. In 2010, Barcelona witnessed the thickest snowfall since 1962. 

South Africa: Think about South Africa, you can imagine deserts or tropical beaches, but the weather in the old continent divers much more. Tourists also can ski in South Africa in winter (from June to August). One of the most snow places is Eastern tableland. In 2018, a late snowfall was recorded in Northern, Western, and Eastern Cape, and Kwazulu-Natal state as well, with some regions having a thick snow amount up to more than 25 cm just during 3 days. 

Jerusalem (Israel): The holy city Jerusalem may look like a giant snowball as entering an extremely algid winter. The photo above is the temple of Dome of the rock took after a thick snowfall in February 2015. Jerusalem and nearby mountainous regions also witnessed thick snowfalls in January 2019. 

Shimla, India: With densely forest-covered hillsides and greenery valleys, the capital of Himachal Pradesh state is the "summer capital" of the British during colonial time as they seek ways to escape from the harsh heat of other places. Shimla becomes more beautiful from December to January as mountain tops and forests are covered by snow. 

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA: Las Vegas often called the "desert city" of America. However, an algidity scene covers streets and buildings here, along with mountain ranges and deserts around February 2019. Snowstorms rushed to the Las Vegas airport's runways with a 2 cm thick snow layer that is rare to see, caused many flights canceled and postponed. 

Blue Mountains, Australia: Thick snowfalls turned beautiful villages and bushy land in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales into a winter fairyland in June 2019. Snow covering the landscape here is a rare event but it still occurs. The abnormal thing is the cold weather of June last year caused snowfall in Queensland as well as the lowlands of Tasmania, Victoria, and New South Wales. 

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