Lost in the European heaven among Nam Dinh churches

Discovering the churches in Nam Dinh, two young people Minh Quang and Duy Anh thought they were lost in the middle of Europe.

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Minh Quang - Duy Anh are close friends who enjoy traveling and photography. The two young people have been planning a departure to Nam Dinh to visit the churches for a long time and have completed their trip in 2 days 1 night.

The original plan of the couple was to go to 15 churches, but the weather did not allow so they decided to go to Hung Nghia church and from there go around the communes of Hai Hau district. Sharing about how to find churches, Minh Quang said that the simplest thing is to look around for tall buildings and then track down to arrive.

Thanh Hung Nghia Temple is one of the largest and most beautiful churches in Nam Dinh. The church has Gothic architecture, with dark tones that are a bold classical imprint. From a distance, the sanctuary is splendid as a castle. Thanh Hung Nghia Temple was built with sophisticated and meticulous details, reminiscent of Hogwart school in the Harry Potter series.

Although it has been renovated, Hung Nghia church still has ancient features, mixed with a little ghost. Putting on a t-shirt, plus cold weather will easily help you get the photo set like it was taken in Europe.

Hai Nhuan Church is located near Thanh Hung Nghia Temple. The church was remodeled in 13 years from 1998 and up to now has been completed, with a dark green-gray tone, bold Gothic architecture.

Hai Ly collapsed church is an abandoned project, currently only left the outer frame. However, the ruined look and the dilapidated brick statue have made it a tourist attraction when visiting Hai Ly beach.

Minh Quang shared that there are many eateries around the church, reducing the solemn atmosphere and losing its inherent beauty.

Tang Dien parish stands out with its architectural style mixed between the West and Vietnam. The church has main yellow and red tones.

The church has a large campus with a small lake next to it. The church is closed for now, but you can still take pictures outside.

Talking about his impression, Minh Quang shared that he felt overwhelmed by the density of the churches here. The churches have European architecture, and these are all large. Their design is exquisite to each brick, giving a very impressive and eye-catching feeling.

From TP. Nam Dinh can travel 35-40 km to reach the Hai Hau district and visit churches. For every 1-2 km, there is a building. Minh Quang shared that the people here are easygoing and friendly, so the two of you are also very comfortable and convenient to complete this set of photos bearing the European mark.

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