Make an itinerary to check-in Da Lat in the season of wild himalayan cherry

Coming to Da Lat (Lam Dong, Vietnam) in a solar new year holiday, you will have a chance to admire brilliant pink wild himalyan cherries spanning across streets. 

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The season of wild himalayan cherry comes to the highland sooner. Since early November, through travel forums have appeared budding flower images both in the inner and outer of the foggy city. The flowers don and make up everywhere such as brink of Xuan Huong Lake, Tuyen Lam Lake, Trai Mat, Langbiang...

At the solar new year festival, you can celebrate the new year here, enjoy the spring atmosphere along with blooming wild hymalayan cherry covering all Da Lat. With cold weather a bit, sweet yellow sunshine with a sky covered by flower color that will create a dreamy scenic easily to make visitors passionate. 

The "gold" time to hunt the flower

The wild himalayan cherry was grown in Da Lat 60 years ago. Estimated, the city has around 80.000 trees. When it stands alone, the flower owns a fragile beauty, sweetness, and a slight fragrance. The trees of wild himalayan cherry outstretch on streets, soliciting passer-by to stop to take photo, record pretty moments. 

The flower season promises to attract a lot of tourists visiting Da Lat the next January. Photo: Bui Huy Tuong.

According to tourists to Da Lat, with such favorable weather conditions, it is anticipated that oncoming January, wild himalayan cherry will enter the most beautiful season as blossoming in gorgeous clusters, boasting its beauty in every corner of the city. However, the flower often blooms for about 2 weeks, then will fall leaves and replaced by young and tender leaves. 

The best time to hunt the flower is at dawn or at sunset. At that time, mild and warm sunshine with harsh will help you easily pose to have virtual living photos comfortably. You should avoid visiting the flower on the days with many clouds or fogs. Because then transportation will face troubles and photo quality is also less bright.

Suggesting places to watch wild himalayan cherry

From the city center, you will easily catch up with wild himalayan cherry during this time. Following here is some famous check-in sites, favored by flower hunting believers. 

Tran Hung Dao street: The road only stretches over 800m long, but attracting a lot of young people to check-in. It has 2 rows of wild himalyan cherry shading along paths, embellished by old pine hills with ancient mansions... Cafes in this street are an ideal venue to enjoy flowers and admire the cloudy sky amidst of a windy space.

Xuan Huong lake located in the city center is romance rendezvous for you to watch the beauty of wild himalayan cherry. The stretch of the road from Thuy Ta restaurant to the city flower garden is the most splendid place.

6 km away from the city center, Tuyen Lam lake is an interesting suggestion for you to check-in. Tourists need to go to the sculpture tunnel, through an iron bridge, then you will see a crowd of quite big wild himalayan cherry here. 

Da Quy slope, the Cau Dat tea hill, and many stretches of Trai Mat road are also wild himalayan cherry check-in sites loved by travelers. The flower trees growing on the roadside, in front of parthouses also easily make hearts missing forever. 

If you don't want to move much, you can choose to watch the flower at homestay and cafes. Nup Homestay, Yen's House, the cafes of Hoa Hong, Yahe, Kokoro...are some popular options. 

Flower hunting secret

On the wild himalayan cherry season, the weather in Da Lat is quite pleasant. It has little rain, sunshine a lot, and its temperature fluctuates from 15 to 24 degrees celsius. Tourists should prepare warm maintaining clothes to avoid cold wind. In addition, several accessories such as a shawl, woolen cap...will help you have photos extremely cool. 

When you pose for a photo, you should stand amid even bloomed trees to look more outstanding, without being sunk in a striking pink color.

If hunting the flower on rainy days, you should prepare more "props" that is a transparent umbrella, which helps both protect and create "loving and romantic" photos for you with wild himalayan cherry. 

Some more notes

January is the time that amount of tourists flock to Da Lat quite crowded. To avoid falling into the situation of running out of rooms, visitors should preserve at hotels, homestays in advance for 3 - 4 days. 

If choosing to rest near the city center to convenient for sightseeing and move, you should book rooms sooner from 1 to 2 weeks to ensure to get rooms. Resorts having a view of Xuan Huong lake or Tuyen Lam lake are idea options for tourists who want to contemplate the flower right at their place. 

To easily combine both watching flowers and explore many attractions of the city, you can rent a motorbike at a cost of 150.000 VND/day. In the check-in process, tourists should keep order and safety during traffic moving, not break off flowers, or anything impacting the Da Lat nature beauty. 

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