Nghe An province - Vietnam

Nghe An is located to the north of the Central Region of Vietnam. While Vietnam is a skinny country running from north to south, Nghe An is right in the north of the slim area in the Central Region.

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The province is bordered to the north and west and south-west by Laos, to the north and north-east by Thanh Hoa, to the east by the East Vietnam Sea, to the south by Ha Tinh. Nghe An is the biggest province in Vietnam in the area. The provincial capital is Vinh City.

The Truong Son Mountain Range, which runs almost the full length of Vietnam from north to south, is to the west of Nghe An. The area of Truong Son Range in Nghe An is fully covered in dense forests which are listed in the Global Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO.

The coastal town of Cua Lo, Nghe An province, Vietnam.

The coastline of Nghe An is 82km in length with some of the most popular beaches in Vietnam: Cua Lo, Bai Lu, Yen Thanh,...

The 2 biggest rivers in Nghe An are the Hieu River, Lam River (Ca River). There are several canals and streams in the province, but agriculture in Nghe An often suffers from either serious droughts or bad floods.

Nghe An has a monsoon tropic climate with 4 seasons: summer is hot from April to August with south-westerly winds; winter is from November through February with north-easterly winds. It rains a lot in Nghe An from May through October; there are often bad typhoons during this time.

While Nghe An has many popular tourist attractions for Vietnamese domestic tourists, the province is quite off the way for most foreign visitors. Only some adventurous travelers who make their trips northwards from the former DMZ by motorbike or by train would visit Nghe An.

The western region of Nghe An is home to dense forests with high mountains, with sublime waterfalls, and rich wildlife. The coastline to the east of the province is home to many sandy beaches: Cua Lo, Dien Thanh (Dien Chau), Nghi Thiet, Cua Hien…

Some famous destinations in Nghe An province:

Cua Lo Beach

Pu Huong Primeval Forest

Pu Mat National Park

Ho Chi Minh’s home villages: Sen Village and Hoang Tru Village

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