UNESCO recognizes hawk culture is a heritage

Prime Minister Lee Hiesn Loong thanks vendors for "breeding the nation" and encourages people to celebrate by ordering new dishes. 

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On December 16, UNESCO announced the decision to list Singapore's hawk culture in the category of human intangible culture heritage after 2 years submitted by this country. 

"As a social space attracting people from diversity socio-economic ground, the centers of hawk play an important role in promoting community interaction, and enhancing social connection", UNESCO council said. The title comes to the lion island after 5 years the Botanical Garden of this country is on the list of World Heritage Sites.

The hawk culture has been recognized along with angklung - the tradition musical instrument of Indonesia, and kimjang - the salted kimchi culture of Korea. UNESCO defines intangible culture heritages are "living heritages", traditions, and customs passed down from generation to generation. Photo: Reuters

In a post on Facebook, Lee Hsien Loong extends his thanks to the people who worked hard to help the hawk culture of the nation to be honored. His big thank is to the generation of vendors who have fed both the "stomach and spirit of a nation". According to him, the recognition of the UNESCO will not come without sweat, effort, devotion all their life for the work of these vendors. The head of state also calls people to celebrate this event by ordering the dish they love from vendors. 

The hawk culture is an integral part of Singaporean. It brings character, continuity connection between people through many generations. Edwin Tong, Minister of Culture, Community and Youth compliment this as a "significant achievement" because the hawk culture of Singapore "expresses profoundly who we are".

"If you enter any hawk center, you will see counters are different from each other on dishes, vendors. People from every corner of the world, walks of life and all seat next to each other, side by side."

Low Teck Senqg, the owner of a soy-bean counter said, the title will attract a lot of tourists to hawk centers as the tourism industry recovers after Covid-19.

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