Wednesday, January 13, 2021

10 traveling tours deserve to experience the most in 2021

Diving to watch the Titanic remnant, welcoming full solar eclipse in the Antarctic, or taking a voyage around the world is the most expected experience in 2021, according to a selection of Lonely Planet. 

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Discovering the west of the USA on carriages with transparent glass windows is a premier service of Rocky Mountaineer company. During the journey from Colorado to Utah, the train takes tourists going along the Colorado River, past imposing ravines and very beautiful nature landscapes. The transparent windows help tourists have a panoramic view. In addition, it also has travel guides and local cuisine served on the train. Tourists will spend their night at Glenwood Springs where is famous for its hot spring and luxury resorts. 

In 2021, tourists will have opportunities to visit the Titanic ship remnant with experts and specialists. 6 times of diving by specialized ships will begin since May/2021, aiming to collect imagines, video, and data on the present state of the ship. At present, the ship remnant is lying in a deep of about 3,8 km, 600 km away from the shore of Newfoundland (Canada) to the southwest.

The multi-senses exhibition with artworks of Vincent Van Gogh paint master will be launched for the first time in the USA, in 2021. A digital projection system will help 3.000 imagines to become vivid, illuminate colorful painting strokes of Vincent Van Gogh on a big size background. Music and scent also overwhelm the hall, helping visitors literally feel sunflower.

In 2021, Barolo is called "the city of wine" of Italy. Belonging to Cuneo province, Piedmont region, the population here is only around 700 people, but it is a place to produce many kinds of famous wines. The city located in the hills of Langhe - the world heritage of UNESCO recognized in 2014 because of its extremely beautiful landscape and long-lasting wine product tradition. 

"Unlimited vacation in the Maldives" is a tourism product exclusively for 2021. The place providing this service is  Anantara Veli Maldives Resort. The cost of this holiday pact is 30.000 USD, tourists just need to pay it one time and use optionally entire rooms throughout the year 2021, along with other utilities at the resort. Before the pandemic, the cost of rooms in Anantara Veli Maldives Resort is about 600 USD/night.

"70 days to explore 18 countries by bus" is one of the most expected tours of the year 2021. The journey lasts a long 20.000 km from India, goes through some countries in Southeast Asia, then to China, across Central Asia, Russia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and the last ending in England. The main mean is buses with many amenities such as business class seats, wifi, personal charging port, lockers, and entertainment systems. 

The tourism product "Cycling around the Garda lake" - the biggest lake in Italy will be launched in 2021 after the road surrounding the lake is completed. The trip will connect smoothly with the Europe crossing bicycle roads Eurovelo Route 7 and Eurovelo Route 8.

One of the most worthy experiences of the year 2021 is to admire a full solar eclipse on a discovering voyage in Artic. The rare trip will take place in early December 2021. Before that, tourists need to board the Sea Spirit ship that departs on November 20 in Ushuaia, Argentina. 23 days marine trip will take tourists drifting on the Atlantic ocean, coming to the islands of South Georgia, Falkland Islands, Artic Penninsula and to watch a full solar eclipse. 

If you join the tour around the world of the voyage of Viking Star, you will greet the new year of 2022 on the ocean. The journey last long 136 days, intended to weigh anchor on the occasion of Chris Marst 2021 in Fort Lauderdale (Florida, USA). The ship will take tourists visiting 27 countries, overnight in 11 cities. After crossing Central America through the Panama channel, the voyage cross-Pacific to reach the Hawaii islands, New Zealand, Australia, through Asia, the Middle East, Mediterranean Sea and ending in Britain. 

The giant museum Grand Egyptian Museum in Cairo (Egypt) expected to open in 2020, however, it has been postponed until amid of 2021. With a massive treasure dating back thousands of years, the museum is a destination to be very worthy to expect. Tourists have a chance to admire the statue of Ramses II King 11 m long and along with 50.000 rare artifacts.

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