Wednesday, January 20, 2021

6 essential items for winter travel

To really enjoy winter travel, you need to know how to cope with the extreme weather and temperatures of this cold air.

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A winter vacation seems to be a perfect way of escape from your busy work. But to truly enjoy your trip, you must know how to cope with the extreme weather and temperatures of this season. In order to do that, you need to equip yourself with enough necessary stuff. 

Following here are items needed for your trip in winter.


All kinds of medicines that can help you going through winter are necessary, you need to bring with you these essential things. 

A bottle of cough will be the first item in your bag for trips. Cold weather results in a significant decrease in the air humidity, causing you to constantly experience a dry cough and runny nose. Also, you should pay attention to other products such as fever and flu medicine to prevent bad situations when your health tends to decrease. You should also pay attention to bring pills that you must take regularly every day as directed by your doctor. Do not be subjective about your own health.

A puffer

Your first layer of defense against cold winters is a warm, air-tight, lightweight puffer. Such shirts are the most ideal choice to help you resist inclement weather. At the same time, let's get yourself a jacket with a hat attached. Since the head is the most important part that is also most sensitive to the weather, don't forget to protect it carefully!

Warm clothe

Thought thick coats are enough for a cold winter, but you will always feel more comfortable and warm with an extra layer of heat-trapping clothing inside. This kind of outfit will use your own body temperature to keep you warm, combined with a jacket, no weather can beat. However, this is an invention that has a very high warming effect, so if you wear too many layers of outerwear it can lead to heat shock, creating a feeling of extreme discomfort when the body is hot, but the temperature of the limb is not balanced.


While the hood attached to a jacket does the basic job of protecting the head from the cold, sometimes those coats often don't keep warm enough, especially in extremely low temperatures. So, equip yourself with a wool hat to avoid unnecessary headaches. If you succeed in keeping your head warm, the other parts of your body will also become much easier. Have some woolen hats in your suitcases if you don't want to have to go home in the middle of the trip. In addition, the wool hat also protects your ears, a double job!

Backup charger

One problem that winter travelers often encounter is the battery depletion faster than normal. This is because the lower the temperature, the more it will prevent chemical reactions in the battery from taking place, causing the battery to drain out of power faster than normal limits. An extra charger will help you to solve this difficult problem, without an outlet, your phone is always fully charged. In addition, please try to put the phone in a place with a more normal temperature, not hot or cold for the maximum use of the battery.


Short days and long nights are characteristic of winter, you will spend more time playing at night than during the day. On average, you can only enjoy the sun for nine hours in winter. Although there are roads with full lighting, a flashlight will make you feel more active in bad situations. Especially, when you go hiking or explore deep forests, a flashlight is an indispensable tool. Don't just depend on your phone's flash because the battery will run out very quickly and you won't have many places to stop charging.

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