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A backpacker take a long trip from Shanghai to Newcastle by bicycle

Josh Reid said the greatest lesson during the journey is to believe in strangers and accepting their kindness. The British backpacker spends 4 months riding a bike from Shanghai (China) to Newcastle (Britain).

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Josh Reid (right) had to receive a bicycle at a manufacturing factory in Shanghai, China

 Having a passion for bicycle since a child, Josh Reid, 23 years old, completed his journey unbelievably: riding a bike from China to Britain within 4 months with a distance of nearly 15.000 km and going through 15 countries. 

The story began as Josh Reid booked a new bike which was produced in China. He decided to take a flight to reach the manufacturer in Shanghai to receive the bike and then rode the bike return home. After released, the Giant Revolt with a carbon frame and tubeless tires took Josh Reid to beautiful landscapes and meet wonderful people in 15 countries, from Asia to Europe. 

A Chinese person stopped Rosh to sing an encouraging song to him. 

Josh Reid shared, the biggest lesson he has learned through the trip is to believe in strangers and accept their kindness. "Everyone is more friendly than what you imagine, even there is a barrier of language. I got help from many kind people during my journey, they provide me food and shelter."

In a village in Tajikistan, Josh Reid asked a passer-by about overnight accommodations. "He called to his friend and someone said their grandparent would take care of me. They welcome and invited me to use food without receiving my payment. This hospitality overwhelms all over Central Asia. I stayed in some mosques and houses of many people, including a bed in a roadside melon stall", said Josh. 

The Tajikistan people provided accommodation and food for Josh Reid.
A stall of the melon sale in Uzbekistan helped Josh an accommodation and got him to enjoy melon for free.

The luggage of Josh Reid is quite simple. He has a sleeping bag, having a capacity of stow and inflation to use in the night and another bag to contain clothes and some stuff. 

During the days riding the bicycle through the vast savanna of China, Josh Reid often rests in the sleeping bag on sideroad without the protection of canvas. Everyone was curious about the trip, so on the way, Josh Reid was invited to the house of many people for lunch. Many drivers of trucks, bikers met and chatted with Josh Reid along the way. 

The luggage of Josh Reid is quite simple. He used a sleeping bag and without the canvas tent. 

The journey of Josh Reid was inspired by a trip of his father - the journalist Carlton Reid did as a child. In the 1980s, Carlton Reid rode a bicycle from Israel and spent a year taking trips to deserts in the Middle East by mountain bike. 

"I have grown up with bikes and a father who has a passion for bikes. My first journey really by bicycle is a trip to Luxembourg along with my father as I am 7 years old. On the way returning home from Shanghai, I came back to some road I had biked 14 years ago. I have a photo taken me from a place after such many years", said Josh Reid.

Josh Reid rested on the highway of Pamir, Kyrgyzstan.

Josh Reid in the ancient city of Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

Rosh Reid used the equipment of satellite navigation to map out ways and locate directions, He chose routes convenient for visas. From Asia, Josh Reid went through Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan. 

Due to not wanting to go through Iran, he boarded a ship across the Caspi sea, from Kazhakstan to Azerbaijan. Josh Reid was goodbye to Asia after leaving Georgia to Istanbul (Turkey). He continued to bicycle through Europe, to Amsterdam, IJmuiden (Netherlands) to board a ship across the North Sea, and came back home in Newcastle, United Kingdom. 

Josh said: "In the early days, I am overwhelmed because the journey is so long. But every time I press on pedals, you will see the goal is closer."

Josh met another friend in Kazakhstan. From here, he boarded a ship across the Caspi sea to Azerbaijan.

Josh Reid in Budapest, Hungary.

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