Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Finding people to an island to live for free 6 months

Two people who are chosen will go to the island of Great Blasket to live for free and receive wages as operating a coffee shop and 4 small houses to service guests. 

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Recruitment information was posted on the owner's Twitter account in mid-January. Candidates can be a couple, or 2 friends and were encouraged to read carefully the part of frequently asked questions before applying. 

The obligation of laureates is to go to the Great Blasket, one small islet offshore to operate a coffee shop, 4 small house complexes for guests. The period of working time lasts 6 months, from April 1 to October 1. The owner of the coffee shop provides free accommodation for staff. The island is without electricity, Wifi and tourists should bring along freshwater due to limit and scarce goods. 

Couple Annie Birney and Eoin Boyle - who get work on the island in 2020. Photo: Great Blasket Island / Instagram

The number of applicants this year will be limited because it has received a massive amount of up to 42.000 people from around the world. The applicants from outside the EU must have eligible labor visas. Expenditure for travel to the island is self-sufficient. Everyone gets to live for free on the island and salary will be discussed during the recruitment process. The expire for applying is January 22. 

Last year, the lucky couples who had received the job are Annie Birney and Eoin Boyle from Dublin. However, due to the pandemic situation, they can not transfer to the island until June of that year as travel restrictions are loosened by the government. Birney said they only take 10 - 15 seconds to decide. Life on the island to the couple is like an isolated world although without electricity, wifi and heater. 

Blasket Island is the largest island in the archipelago of the same name, located off the Dingle coast in Kerry district. The island is known for its wide range of wildlife such as gray seals, unspoiled nature, and mountainous terrain. Photo: @ _letsgohere_ / Instagram

The day of the couple begins at 9 o'clock. They embarked on daily tasks such as cleaning the house to welcome guests. The coffee shop had to close in 2020 due to a pandemic. At 14 o'clock, they will greet guests, take them to accommodations, help guests take luggage from wharves including newly laundered items, car coach, food...As one day gets more silent, the couple is relaxing by a long walk, swimming, or enjoy a glass of tea. 

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