Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Inside the smallest hotel in the world

Eh'Haeusl has a 2,5 m width, a total area of 53 m2, and a maximum capacity of 2 guests. 

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Eh'Haeusl is a red-paint house in the Amberg town, Bavaria region, in the southeast of Germany. Build in 1728, the house has an age of 195 years old. Photo: Alamy

Eh'Haeusl means the house of marriage. It was built to break outdated marriage regulations in early century 18, requiring young couples in the city to prove their ownership of land if they want to get married. An entrepreneur used a narrow gap of 2,5 m between 2 towels, built more 2 walls in front and behind, shingling the roof to turn this place into a separate house. 

In 1728, Eh'Haeusl later was resold to a couple to prove their property. Until they get married, the owner once again resold to another one. Such a repeat, every few weeks, a couple moves here to live. In front of the door is an image iconical for the history of the house. Photo: Lukas Rode/Uniq Hotels

Today, Eh'Haeusl is a luxurious hotel, with a maximum capacity of 2 guests. In 2008, it has been renovated entirely and kept the Guinness record of the smallest hotel in the world up to now. Photo: Lukas Rode/Uniq Hotels

The hotel has no receptionist. Guests need to book rooms in advance to have people greeting and delivering the house's key. Photo: Unid Hotels

The top floor of the hotel is not everything but a wave creating tub bath. This room also called a spa. Photo: Eh'Haeusl

Below is a cozy bedroom. According to a representative of Eh'Haeusl, before the pandemic, this place attracts tourists from across the world. However, most all tourists are couples from Germany, and Austria coming come here to rent a room to celebrate the wedding or honeymoon. Photo: Michaela Rehle/Reuters

While the staff prepares breakfast in the kitchen in the basement where no responsibility is not allowed, guests can enjoy complete privacy. On the photo is a floor where gas a heater and relaxing chair for guests to watch TV. Photo: Eh'Haeusl

A customer who used to rent a room for the 25th anniversary of the wedding said he liked the place very much, because of the romantic atmosphere with fresh flowers, wine as well as the mysterious "fairy" that served breakfast while she was in bed. "This place is a popular place for honeymooners. It's a wonderful experience, I feel like a princess. This place is so beautiful," she said. Photo: Eh'Haeusl

The price per night at the hotel is 293 USD, including breakfast. Photo: Pauli Startup

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