Sunday, January 24, 2021

The 10 venues attracting foreign tourists in HCM City

Based on the assessment of foreign readers as visiting Vietnam, here are the top destination in HCM City for foreign tourists.

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Binh Tay Market is a place where provides many consumer goods, including fresh products and local handicrafts. Tourists who come to the Binh Tay Market in the morning have an opportunity to enjoy fresh products, taste many delicious dishes. Photo: Le Quan

The city theater was completed in 1897, designed by the French Architect Ferret Eugene. Whoever wants to see the interiors of this wonderful work can combine discovery and watching performances at the theater. 

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Ngoc Hoang Pagoda or Rua Pagoda was built in 1909 by a Guangdong community in Vietnam. The campus of the Pagoda is outstanding with a turtle feeding pond. Here is introduced as one of the most exciting places in the city. This small pagoda is often busy with visitors and has an atmosphere filled with fragrance. Photo: Cocosachs.

As the project of Bitexco Financial high 68 floors, 262 m was completed in 2010, it became the highest building in Vietnam at that time. Located on floor 49, Sky Deck is a well-known attraction. Here, tourists can enjoy a wonderful view of 360 degrees of the whole city and the Sai Gon River. The Bitexco tower has 2 restaurants on the floor 50 and 51 which also provide a wonderful view. 

For those who are looking for the best purchasing and cuisine experience in the HCM City, Dong Khoi street is an ideal destination to come. This street is where the luxurious French architecture-style buildings, shops, high-class hotel, pretty cafes are located. Some famed works on this street are the great theater, Sai Gon Center Post Office, and Duc Ba Church. Photo: Haskap_16.

Ben Thanh Market has many stalls for tourists to buy souvenirs at cheap prices and fine arts. The busy market is not only for tourists but also a place for local people to shop. The Ben Thanh Market build in 1870 is also an attraction to enjoy street food in Vietnam. Photo: Lo.randomsnaps, Elaine.lin.104.

The Central Post Office is one the longest architecture works of HCM City. This work was built in 1886. The building is impressive by a high dome-shaped ceiling, the beautiful brick coved floor, and an old-style phone booth. 

Duc Ba Church located in District 1, considered the top famous destination in HCM City. The work was build from 1863 to 1880 completely with red bricks imported from France. In 1962, the Church was upgraded into a basilica. 

Independence Palace or Unite Palace is a historical place, designed by the architect Ngo Viet Thu. Coming here, tourists can admire tanks, helicopters, the rooms built in the style of the later 1960, 1970. Besides, many exciting spots inside the 5 floors building can be named as boongke basement or telecommunication center...

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War Remnants Museum opens in 1975. Almost all artifacts of the museum are relating to war. Outside, the museum exhibits armors, artilleries, and infantry weapons. Photo: Archer10

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