Saturday, January 23, 2021

The boldly high-building architecture designs

The upside-down building or the "undefinedly shaped" serpentine structure is impressive high-building designs, without any same with other works. 

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This eye-catching structure is a design of a skyscraper in fiction science style in New York (USA). The building is high 210 m with a structure similar to a spiral tube inside a giant rectangle-shaped frame. 

This organic design is released by the Turkey architecture company of Architectural Design Studio. They describe the structure as "indefinite shape" and having a "transparent and haunting on the skyline of the city". Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio has not yet revealed the cost of building this skyscraper, but the expected cost would be a lot. 

Another spectacular structure design is the hotel challenging the gravity located on the edge of the cliff Preikestolen high 604 m in Norway. The cliff in northern Norway is a famous attraction with a view of the Lysefjorden fjord. 

The hotel has been just proposed and not been licensed. The work design includes 3 living room floors and 2 observatories. The most special part of the design is a swimming pool with the bottom glass bendable, protruding outside the cliff. 

In 2017, a bold other idea was announced for the building of The Big Bend. The U-shaped tower is expected to change the skyline of Manhattan, New York, USA. It is described as "the longest building in the world" with a length of 1.219 m. The drawing of the project shows a lofty skyscraper and then bending toward the skyline. 

The idea is designed by Oiio studio and build in the luxurious neighborhood of Billionaires Row. The work has an elevator system that can move in curve, horizontal, and loop. 

While another impressive work in Midtown Manhattan (New York, USD) is in complete progress and expected to inaugurate this year. The tower named 111 West 57th Street, with 91 floors and a 432 m high. 

This is the second high residential skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere. The cost for 60 apartments inside the building of 11 West 57th street is started from 15,5 million USD/apartment. While the penthouse is listed with a price of 59 million per one.

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