Sunday, January 24, 2021

The dwelling of the head of nations

The living and working place of leaders of countries in the world may be a humble house to impressive palaces.

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A house in number 10 in Downing Street, London (Britain) used as an official mansion, office, and reception place of the British Prime Minister since 1735 up to now. From cheap brick houses, neighborhoods had been relived into mansions in the later century 19 and 20. It was rebuild in the 1950s and renovated in 2000. 

The palace of Germany's Prime Minister opened in 2001, located nearby Reichstag in Berlin. This is the place government offices are located. The top floor is an official dwell of the Prime Minister. This palace is lied near the Spree river, interexchange between East and West of Berlin. With an open architecture, the work is considered a symbol of transparency. 

The palace Chigi in Rome (Italy) began its building work in the mid-century 16. It faces outward the Marcus Aurelius of 2.000 years old, one of the architectural icons in Rome. The house became the dwelling of Italy's prime minister since 1961.

The King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands lives in the palace Huis ten Bosch in Den Haag along with his wife, the queen Maxima and his 3 children. The palace is a royal dwelling and also used to receive guests, or for convene. This is one of the 3 palaces of the Netherlands royal. The palace Noordeinde also in Den Haag is where has the office of the king. 

A palace in Madrid is an official mansion of the Spanish Prime Minister. This is also a place to convene of Ministers Council. Becoming Prime Minister in 2018, Pedro Sanchez opened the palace for the public to visit. The work is designed by the architect Diego Mendez, built on a former palace ground damaged during a civil war from 1949 to 1954.

Katerina Sakellaropoulou, a judge and human rights activist became the first woman has been elected as president of Egypt in 2020. Her official dwelling is at Athens center, next to Egypt's national assembly. The building was built in 1897 to serve as a palace for the crown prince, then later became the official dwelling of the royal and used as a president dwelling in 1974. 

Initially, the Kremlin Palace was a medieval fortress, later became a dwelling for the Russain tsar until the capital was moved to St.Petersburg in early century 18. This place afterward is the official dwelling of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. The building overlooks the red square and the Moskva River. 

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