Monday, January 25, 2021

The hotel has team rooms made of ice

The Icehotel of Sweden famous for its experience bringing tourists staying overnight in an ice room. Especially, this year, this place also has steam rooms made of ice and an ice forest.

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Located quietly in the idyllic town of Jukkasjarvi in the north of Sweden, away from the arctic circle 200 km,  the Icehotel started as an art display room in 1989 vĂ  has been developing rapidly to become an attraction to tourists. This place has been operated for 31 years.

The hotel is made up of 2 areas. Icehotel 365 is fixed, including "warm" rooms and ice rooms opened year-round. The remaining part is the art room of Icehotel 31 designed by various artists and rebuilt yearly after ice melts.

6 new ice room ranges were built at Icehotel 365 and 12 artic room ranges opened from 12/2020 to April 11, 2021. Due to the pandemic, last year, the hotel just invited local artists to participate in creating ice and snow works for display here.

An outstanding part of the Icehotel this year is the sauna described as "the coolest sauna room in the world". The creative director of the Icehotel and the architect Luca Roncoroni want to create a room bringing a warm feel against the extreme cold weather. This room also has shawls for bathing and towels made of snow, 2 ice "ovens", bathtubs. Besides, the fixed region of the hotel, Icehotel 365, also has hot water dried sauna rooms right at its campus.

Inspired by the custom of Shinrin Yoku (bathing in the forest) of Japan in the 1980s, a temporary bathing room in the hall of the hotel is designed to look like an ice forest. Here, tourists are surrounded by icy trees, branches, and leaves that have complicated shapes. 

Icehotel has many options for luxurious ice rooms. All ice rooms are kept at a temperature of - 5 degrees Celcius. So, tourists are provided explore-styled sleeping bags standing against harsh temperatures. Of course, as experienced here, tourists still need to wear heat-retaining clothing, sweaters, hat, and bring socks even you are curling in your sleeping bags. 

The hotel also has high-class restaurants in the "warm" parts of the Icehotel 365. Here tourists can enjoy many dishes such as Swedish meatballs, saute reindeer meat, and many kinds of fishes. The restaurant of Veranda also serves a meal of 12 dishes prepared in front of guests. 

Staying one night in a warm room of the hotel (in the Icehotel 365) costs from 172 USD.

Besides discovering the hotel, tourists can join many other activities for an extra fee. The course of ice sculpture is described by the hotel as a "must-try" with visitors. Besides, experiences such as riding a dog-driven sled, the sauna ritual of 10 steps Jukkasjarvi... are also appreciated worthy expected.

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