Monday, January 25, 2021

The village preserves culture on each wall

The village of Tiebele become the top attraction in Burkina Faso (Africa) thanks to its many generations of architecture, bringing its bold unique culture. 

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Alligators and snakes crawling everywhere or creatures swimming in stars, moon...are familiar images on the walls surrounding the Tiebele village in Burkina Faso, a nation in West Africa. Lively art and architecture bring about a unique feature for the village and make it the most worth-visiting tourist spot in Burkina Faso. Photo: Gretel.

The Tiebele located in Nahouri, a province in the south-central of Burkina Faso. The village is the living space of the Kassaena people, the minority ethnic settling scattered in the south of Burkina Faso and the north of Ghana. Due to complicated history, being separated from other neighboring peoples, the Kasssena people have a different culture from the rest. Art and architecture are 2 ways for the Kassena to express their essence. Photo: Funtime

The sheik of the Kassena clan has an own abode, called the Tiebele royal palace. The entire campus is built and decorated in a traditional style on a 1,2 ha area at the foot of a hill. The whole royal area is surrounded by fences and only has a main gate in the southwest. Photo: SIWLL

Inside the wall are houses, roads built with materials such as clay, wood, straw, cow dung. Today, mud and bricks, and stone have begun to be used in building the works. Traditionally, the house of the Kassena people is not built on a foundation but erected from the ground. However, building their houses has been changed. Many new houses have a stone foundation and are built from mud brick. Photo: Medium

The design of these traditional houses is influenced by the importance of defense. Many houses are built in the way of enhancing the capacity of protecting people and life, from both nature dangers and invasion of enemies. For example, houses often without windows, only have several small holes to catch some shine. Besides, the house doors often small, high under 1 meter to prevent scorching sun penetrating into, also enemies have more difficulty attacking. Photo: SIWILL

Besides effective against rain and sun, motif pain also bears symbol meaning. For example. alligator and snake imagines have the meaning of expelling evil spirits, bad things, and disasters. The moon and stars images bear a meaning of good things and hopes. Photo: Rita Willaert

The Tiebele village still preserved by the resident community, so works are in an intact state. However, this unique village is facing many challenges such as disaster, urbanization, or the effect of tourism culture. Despite bringing a big revenue, the increasing number of tourists coming here is putting the preservation of the village in a difficult position. Photo: Rita Willaer 

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