Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Top 5 selfie spots that can be found inside various malls in Qatar!

Doha is famous for its luxury and skyscrapers. It is where you can find a combination of past and modern. Today, Qatar in general and Doha, in particular, become a must-see destination once a lifetime. 

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One of the points, when you come to Doha, is selfies at landmarks, including various high-class malls. Here we show you some top places to help you spoiled with your selfies. 

1. Villaggio Mall's Venice-inspired canal

Villaggio is one of the very first globally-recognised shopping mall in Qatar and is home to an average of 50,000 visitors daily. It's equipped to comfortably meet the demands of every visitor with the Venetian-inspired canal being the mall's tourism and selfie center. Besides its interior being styled the Italian way, Villaggio's astonishing range of shopping, dining and entertainment venues is surely not to miss.

You can even try riding the Gondola boat for yourself for as low as 10 QR per head and step up your selfie game to the next level. Just be extra careful when doing so!

2. Mall of Qatar's Oasis

The Mall of Qatar offers a one-of-its-kind shopping concept for Qatar residents as it continues to capture the imagination of the entire nation with its 500,000 square meters of innovative shopping, top-notch recreation, and remarkable leisure options. The mall, which houses a jungle-like oasis at its very heart, is known not only for its spacious vicinity but also for its penchant for creating delightful memories by organizing family events and entertainment shows that usually take place in the Oasis (or sometimes also referred to as the Ooredoo Stage) where you can—of course—take as many selfies as you can!

3. Al Mirqab Mall's fountain area

Al Mirqab Mall's vision is to establish a world class community mall with leading retail brands and create a unique shopping and leisure experience in the heart of Doha. And as it's proudly situated on one of the oldest and most famous shopping streets in Doha, the number of visitors who pass by everyday is getting more and more fond of the shopping center's traditional influence and wide array of activities to choose from. Plus its fountain area is so huge that even an adult will surely rush to take out his mobile phone and click his self against the dancing waters' momentous gracefulness.

4. Doha's own version of the Louvre at Al Hazm

Can you guys believe that Doha actually has an exact replica of the the world's largest art museum Louvre located in Paris, France? The answer is a resounding yes and you can find it just outside of the promising and awe-inspiring Al Hazm Mall! Combining European atmosphere with Arabian hospitality, Al Hazm, which translates into 'the higher grounds', is a unique commercial development in Qatar. Their shopping avenue is destined to cater to the region's enlightened and affluent while combining art, culture and luxury.

Apart from its overt line-up of fine-dining restaurants, trendy cafes and wide selection of fashion labels, Al Hazm's 'Little Louvre' is definitely another something worth-it to take a selfie with!

5. Doha Festival City's giant metallic donut

The truth is, we're not really sure if Doha Festival City's (DFC) representative on this list is really a donut but believe it or not, that's how many people perceive it to be! Home to over 500 stores, ranging from day-to-day shopping to the most luxurious of high-end fashion, this premiere shopping mall is photogenic not only for this unique structure but for most of its eye-candy twists and turns as well. After taking your well-deserved selfie, make sure to pass by entertainment hubs such as VOX Cinemas, Angry Birds World, Snow Dunes, Juniverse, Virtuocity, or even IKEA!

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