Top 5 things to do inside the Hamad International Airport during a layover!

After an award-filled 2018, Qatar's posh and humongous Hamad International Airport (HIA) has once again been recognized by TIME Magazine when it was named as one of the best airports in the world for those wishing to spend some quality time during transit.

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Stepping inside the HIA, which was opened on 30 April 2014, passengers can experience luxury and space, sophistication and elegance. High ceilings and expansive concourses give a sense of grandeur, while designer touches and beautiful art installations create an environment far beyond convention.

No doubt why many leisure and business travellers don't mind spending an entire day inside Qatar's main airport—which is now one of the busiest airports in the world—as there's so much to do around!

Keep on scrolling to have an idea on how to properly make use of your layover time inside the premises of the multi-awarded HIA!

1. Feast on stunning art pieces!

Considered by many layover passengers as the 'funkiest airport in the world,' transit-ers at the HIA can see stunning architecture and international artworks inside the vicinity, most notably a 23-foot bronze teddy bear that sits inside a lamp.

Besides the popular yellow bear, did you know that there are more than twenty other art installations scattered throughout the airport?

This includes the likes of “The Flying Man” which is inspired by Abu Firnas, a pioneer in the world of aviation, and “A message of peace to the world” that symbolises hope for a utopian world without suffering or violence.

The youngest in the line-up is the so-called 'Small Lie' by American artists KAWS. Reminicent of a wooden marionette, the sculpture is made from Afrormosia wood, weighing in at 15 tonnes and standing 32 feet tall.

Not many airports boast such an impressive collection of art, so make it a personal challenge to find all those nine art pieces!

For the full museum experience, there’s even a museum gift shop and cafe inside our favourite HIA.

2. Shop!

The Doha’s airport has a variety of duty-free shops where you can pick up the latest fashions and amenities at high-end boutiques, including Chanel, Bvlgari, Hermès Paris, and Swarovski.

"Grab a last-minute souvenir at the Marmalade Market (gourmet foods), Bumble Tree (toys and gadgets), or Chocology (fine chocolates)."

3. Dine!

HIA's tagline which says "A taste of everything, from gourmet to on-the-go" is very true with its wide array of restaurants and cafe in abundance.

True enough, Qatar's airport was ranked as the 5th 'Best Airport for Dining' in the world at the Skytrax World Airport Awards 2018. The HIA was able to maintain its number 5 position in the same category for 2 consecutive years (2017 and 2018) and we won't be surprised if it jumps to a higher rank once the most prestigious award giving body for the airport industry releases its 2019 line-up.

Looking for something traditional but doesn't taste too far from home? Then don't miss ordering a cup of Arabic coffee at Qataf Cafe—a concept that combines traditional Arabic hospitality with a contemporary design.

4. Stay connected!

Stay connected to friends and family, update your social media accounts or surf the internet courtesy of the airport’s free WiFi. If you don’t have a mobile device or a laptop, HIA offers free Mac computers for surfing the net; kiosks are located throughout the airport.

5. Relax!

For first-class class flyers:

One can go to the Al Safwa First Lounge, where you’ll find private bedrooms, à-la-carte dining and cool architecture, he says. And if you have a little more time on your hands, consider staying at the four-star Oryx Airport Hotel located inside the airport.

For business class flyers:

You’ll get access to the Al Mourjan Business Lounge in the airport, which includes posh showers, nap pods, a large dining room, and a high-end bar.

For economy class flyers:

Find a quiet lounge area to relax. The airport offers “quiet rooms,” tranquil spaces with soft lighting and designated male and female sections. Or catch up on a few hours’ sleep or simply rest your eyes—your body will thank you later.

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