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From the majesty of Denali to the shimmering waters of Prince William Sound, Anchorage’s central location serves up an amazing menu of sightseeing adventures by plane.
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What Can You See on a Flightseeing Tour from Anchorage?

Mt. Denali

Even though Denali is 140 miles away, you can get an intimate look at it on a 3-hour flightseeing tour from Anchorage. Trips are available year-round and are perfect if you can’t dedicate the time to drive to Talkeetna or Denali. The trade-off is more time in the air (oh darn!). You’ll fly north over a roadless wilderness of braided rivers, vast forests, and thriving wetlands, where you’ll look for moose and bears. Some 45 minutes into the flight, the glacial amphitheaters of Denali will come into view. And soon you’ll be up close to the crevasses, granite walls, and Denali itself, which you’ll fly around for about 30 minutes.

Anchorage & The Chugach Range

If you’re short on time but crave the experience of an Alaska bush plane, take a 30-minute tour of Anchorage and the surrounding Chugach Mountains. Look for sheep and other wildlife in the mountains, and soak in the views of stunning Turnagain Arm, where the mountains seem to rise right out of the water.

Glaciers in Prince William Sound

Explore endless miles of winding fjords and stunning inlets. If you’re on a floatplane, you can even touch down in the Sound, where you’ll taxi right past tidewater glaciers and likely see some wildlife. Keep an eye out for bears, otters, and eagles!

Knik Glacier, Colony Glacier, and Lake George

Most companies based in Anchorage offer quick tours (1.5–2 hours) to one of the many nearby glaciers, like Colony Glacier, Knik Glacier, and Lake George. Take advantage! Flying over these ancient flowing rivers of ice—scarred with crevasses and dotted with bright blue pools—is an experience unlike any other.

What Else?

Flying isn’t just about sightseeing…it’s also about access! In a state with so few roads, flying is a way to reach remote areas inaccessible by any other means. Visit national parks off the road system, like Katmai and Lake Clark. Fly to see bears feeding on salmon and foraging for clams. Get dropped off for a multi-day float trip. Soar to a river all your own and fish with no one else in sight. And that’s just the beginning—your options are truly endless.

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