Tuesday, July 27, 2021

12 abandoned ruins that force viewers to reflect on the past

Each abandoned ruin has its own beauty or has a heroic history, sometimes making visitors feel haunted.

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Located in the Spanish town of Torrelodones, the Canto del Pico Palace was built in 1920. Until 1947, the palace was owned by General Franco, the former dictator of Spain. By the time of his death in 1975, the palace was not in use and officially abandoned in 1988, after efforts to transform it into a luxury hotel were not accepted by the government.
The Hajmaskér barracks was built in the 19th century by order of Franz Joseph I, leader of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This place quickly grew to become the largest barracks in the empire, as well as a place to hold prisoners during World War I. By World War II, the barracks became a Nazi base. Abandoned since 1990 when the Soviet Union collapsed, the barracks is a historical testament to a century of heroic war. Photo: Adam X.
A formerly abandoned anti-aircraft missile commando post in the village of Mor'ye in the Leningrad Oblast region, Russia. After the cold war period and technological upgrading, Russia's air defense system was able to move, not fixed in place, so the commandos were gradually abandoned.
An abandoned track at Taipingshan National Forest Recreation Area, Taiwan (China). The old railway here is 6 km long and has been merged with another road. The abandoned site offers an unspoiled landscape and a glimpse into the past of the logging industry in Taipingshan.
Inside the dilapidated hospital on an abandoned island in Venice, Italy. This island has a scary history. From 1770, it became an isolation ward for plague patients who were brought to die. By 1922, the buildings on the island became housing for the mentally ill. Due to its scary past, the island is almost uninhabited and visitors are also prohibited from coming here.
An abandoned tank near the Norwegian village of Veidnes. This is a French Renault FT tank, captured by the Germans and used during the 1940 invasion of Norway. Locals respect and want to keep this artifact, but visitors stole many parts inside the tank.
This abandoned school in Elmira, Illinois, USA. It dates from 1851 and operated until 1964. New and more modern schools were constantly being built which was the reason why it was abandoned. Even the wall behind the school collapsed completely over time.
These ruins are all that remains of Schloss Schlobitten - a castle in the village of Slobity, Poland. The castle was built in 1624 and is owned by a noble German family. In 1945, the castle was burned by the Soviet Red Army and has been listed as a historical monument of Poland since 1968.
The rusted and abandoned MS World Discoverer cruise ship wreck in Roderick Bay in the Solomon Islands. In 2000, the ship hit an unexplored reef, fortunately all passengers and crew were rescued safely. Subsequent attempts to salvage the ship were unsuccessful.
This strange stone staircase is what remains of the mansion in Chesterfield, New Hampshire, USA, which burned down. The mansion was previously owned by famous costume designer Madame Sherri, where she hosted many lavish royal parties. A fire in 1962 turned this place into ruins.
Pictured is the auditorium of an abandoned high school in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Dozens of schools were closed and abandoned here. Some become sites for excursions organized by local travel agencies.
This is the famous Goat Canyon Trestle bridge in San Diego County, California, USA. With a length of 229 m and a height of 61 m, this is the largest wooden viaduct in the world. The bridge was built in 1933, connecting the San Diego and Arizona railroad. The last train passed through here in 2008 before it was closed for repairs. To date, no company has accepted to repair the bridge, which has become a destination for hikers despite the danger signs.

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