Sunday, July 25, 2021

120 year old palace used as a hotel

Matild Palace in Budapest, Hungary, built in 1902, was once a social center developed under the patronage of a German princess.

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The palace was built during the Belle Époque period and has a high historical value because it owns the first elevator in Hungary. According to ThoughtCo, at the end of the Franco-Prussian war (1871) and the beginning of World War I (1914), Belle Époque in French means "beautiful era". This is the period when the living standards and security of the upper classes are always upheld. Maltid reopened to the public on June 28 after being redesigned as a hotel by The Luxury Collection.
The lobby is spacious and luxurious. According to Selim Olmez, Marketing Manager of Matild Palace, the hotel is a true reflection of the Hungarian soul.
Matild Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The hotel has become a modern playground for art-savvy travelers. This place used to be the center of the city, for royalty and the elite.
The hotel consists of 19 suites with 111 rooms, including a Royal Suite priced at $7,645 per night. This suite is named Maria Klotild, after the German princess.
Royal Suite has a master bedroom, bathroom, separate living room and office. In addition, guests can choose to connect 2 more rooms to form a three-bedroom apartment.
Royal Suite's entire bathroom is marble, with a double makeup table. Some of the bathroom's interiors are crafted in 24-carat gold to represent the magnificence of Matild's palace. In addition, guests are also provided with robes and slippers.
Loft room is located on the top floor of the hotel with a view of the whole city, priced at 1,126 USD / night.
The design of the Loft Room is a mix of modern and classic. In addition, other high-end rooms of the hotel such as Elisabeth Bridge Suite cost $ 1,066 / night, a one-bedroom apartment costs $ 1,896 / night and Crown Tower costs $ 2,667 / night.
The Loft Room's bathroom is inspired by traditional Hungarian hot tubs, designed as a miniature spa, with heated floors.
The hotel's Duchess bar, open from July 22, is considered a "secret wine library", inspired by the roof garden of the Austrian princess.
The Duchess bar's terrace offers 360-degree views of Budapest, serving a wide range of cocktails.

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