Thursday, July 22, 2021

4 most strange roads in the world

The shortest, narrowest or steepest road in the world is the name given to quirky destinations, attracting tourists in the US, Scotland, Germany...

Lombard (USA): With 40 hills in the city, the roads in San Francisco are famous for their dizzying slopes. In particular, Lombard, located on the poetic Russian hill, is known as the most winding road in the United States. The slope is designed in a zigzag shape to reduce the 27-degree slope of the hill, avoiding the possibility of an accident when the vehicle is in traffic. Here, cars are only allowed to travel at a maximum speed of 8 km/h. Photo: Peter Yan Studio.
The road is about 200m long, with 8 evenly folded sections, bringing great benefits to the local tourism industry. Many tourists come here to check-in at the romantic and quaint "Crooking Street". However, attracting too many visitors leads to traffic jams, pollution by dust and noise. The city is considering levying a commuter toll on Lombard Street. Photo: SFCTA.
Baldwin (New Zealand): Located in the suburbs of Dunedin city, south of New Zealand, Baldwin holds the record for the steepest road in the world awarded by Guinness. The road is about 350 m long, the highest slope is about 1: 2.86 (19 degrees or 35%). While the lower section is concrete, the upper slope is paved with asphalt for easy maintenance, avoiding the case of asphalt running down in hot weather. The unusual slope of the road is caused by poor urban planning, the builder does not know the topography of the city. Photo: Insiders Dunedin.

Today, the reputation of the road is the pride of the people living on Baldwin Street in particular and Dunedin in general. Visitors come here to create unique photo styles. Photo: Rahul.dorugade05, jennycheen_.
Ebenezer Place (Scotland): Ebenezer Place was recognized by Guinness World Records as the shortest street in the world in November 2006. The road is located in Wick, Caithness, 2.05 m long. This place has a unique address, Mackays Hotel, visitors can visit the whole thing in a few steps. Photo: Twitter.
The road appeared in 1883 when Alexander Sinclair - the owner of the Mackays Hotel, returned from America with a considerable fortune. He built the hotel at the junction of Union and River Roads in Wick and was asked by the town council to print his name on the shortest section of the hotel. Photo: The Mirror.
Spreuerhofstraße (Germany): According to the Guinness Book of Records, the narrowest street in the world is Spreuerhofstraße, in the old town of Reutlingen, Germany. Spreuerhofstraße street is 3.8 m long, the narrowest place is only 31 cm, people who are too tall have to stoop when passing. In fact, this place is an alley between two houses built close to each other. Photo: Die Weltenbummler.
Despite the inconvenience when traveling, many tourists from Asia and America still come here out of curiosity. Locals joke that the street is the benchmark for their diet. Photo: Stuttgart Tourist.

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