Thursday, July 22, 2021

6 ideal destinations to help tourists fulfill their dream of going beyond space

Space travel has always been the great dream of mankind. While other types of space tourism are gradually becoming a reality, the following places can help visitors temporarily satisfy their passion for exploring the sky.

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Phan Si Pang (Lao Cai, Vietnam)

Overnight in Phan Si Pang area is a great choice to watch the stars. Source:

Phan Si Pang mountain area is a perfect choice for you to experience stargazing in Vietnam. With beautiful scenery and fresh climate, "Roof of Indochina" is a place for visitors to escape the hustle and bustle of the city to enjoy a quiet and peaceful time.

To conquer the top of Phan Si Pang, visitors can choose to climb the mountain by the trail or use a cable car to reach the top of the mountain. When you reach the top, you will be satisfied with the majestic scenery, rolling clouds stretching to the horizon. Currently, the area near the cable car station has many convenient and comfortable resorts, ensuring the best experience for visitors.

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Perlman House (Sutherland, South Africa)

South African Observatory in Sutherland. Source: South African Astronomical Observatory

Home to the largest telescope of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere, Sutherland in South Africa is the perfect destination for stargazing against the night sky. The SALT telescope at the South African Observatory is tasked with monitoring celestial bodies for science, but also offers interesting sightseeing programs for tourists interested in astronomy.

Not far from the Planetarium, the Perlman House will be an ideal base to enjoy a stroll in Sutherland. The spacious and fresh space helps visitors relax comfortably and watch the sparkling starry sky.

Barceló Sants (Barcelona, Spain)

Barceló Sants is the perfect place for astronomy lovers. Source:

Located in the heart of the glamorous city of Barcelona, Barceló Sants is perfect for astronomy lovers, with a design that mimics a hotel in space.

During your stay, do not forget to visit two unique restaurants here called Oxygen and Hydrogen - the basic elements in the universe. This restaurant serves everything from buffets and healthy food to creative dishes. After dinner, visit the Orbital (atomic orbit) bar for new and impressive cocktails.

Treehotel (Harads, Sweden)

Treehotel in the Harad forest. Source:

A stay at the Treehotel in the jungle of Harad is sure to be different. The resort is very eco-friendly, with a modern design and respect for its surroundings. With the shape of a spaceship hidden in the deep forest, this place offers experiences like a trip to an alien planet.

In this area, whatever the season of the year, visitors can be entertained with a variety of exciting activities: from hiking and kayaking in the summer to sledding and ice fishing in winter.

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Galaxy Pod Hostel (Reykjavik, Iceland)

Modern capsule at Galaxy Pod Hostel in Iceland. Source:

The Galaxy Pod Hostel in Iceland features sleeping pods with a futuristic design. Centrally located but at an affordable price, from here guests can easily access the famous destinations of Iceland.

In particular, this resort also offers virtual reality games, Google Earth VR devices that allow guests to explore the surrounding landmarks without having to step outside.

Barkala Farmstay (Coonabarabran, Australia)

Barkala Farmstay in Coonabarabran, Australia. Source:

Barkala Farmstay is suitable for a quiet stay where you can sit outside in the courtyard, look up at the brilliant night sky and admire the multitude of stars. This rustic and peaceful property also features an outdoor swimming pool and barbecue facilities.

From Barkala Farmstay, guests can reach Siding Spring Observatory. Nestled among the Warrumbungle Mountains, this observatory features a variety of telescopes, including the world's leading large telescopes, allowing visitors to view celestial objects in high definition.

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