Sunday, July 25, 2021

9 tips to know when traveling by train

If the budget allows and there are seats available, you should choose to change your seat type to higher quality, more convenient ones to enjoy the train to the fullest...

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Although when it comes to comfort, trains are always the preferred choice over airplanes, because of space and cost, but having to sit in one place for a long time makes many passengers tired, fatigue and discomfort. Recognizing that obstacle, the article below will give you some tips to help you find joy on your train.

Seat upgrade

If the budget allows and there are seats available, you should choose to change your seat type to higher quality, more convenient ones to enjoy the train to the fullest. You can switch to bunk beds for resting space and privacy or choose chairs that can be adjusted to recline and sit on, rather than fixed and rigid chairs.

Choose the right seat

When traveling by plane, the window seat is always the most popular position, because you can both look at the blue sky and comfortably lean towards the window. Trains are no exception, especially when outside the train's window there is much more scene to admire than the plane.

In addition, if you get sick while traveling by train, you should choose the positions in front to see the road more clearly, helping you to get less drunk.

Bring support items

The truth is that even with a comfortable seat or a beautiful view, it is still difficult to fit all heights and weights. If your legs are short, bring an inflatable footrest so you don't get tired. If you have lower back or tailbone pain, bring an air mattress to the back to relieve pressure on the spine, or you can bring a lumbar support pillow to prevent pain from sitting for too long. In addition, you should bring a thin blanket or travel pillow to easily rest on the chair when needed.


A tablet or smartphone that saves your favorite books, movies and music because it's your number one travel savior. However, you need to consider charging them. Although many trains now have USB chargers installed to charge phones, to avoid bad cases, on trains without charging sockets, you should still carry a spare battery that has been fully charged. . In addition, if you go with a large number of people, you can bring a card game or other games to kill time.

Comfortable clothes

When packing for travel, comfortable clothes should be a top priority. This is not the time for you to wear bulky suits or tight high heels, instead, opt for loose-fitting, airy fabrics like four-way stretch pants, pants tank tops, shorts, and so on. At the same time, you can bring slippers for convenience in the train toilets.

Create privacy

When you have to go on a night train, all you want is a good night's sleep so you can arrive safely tomorrow morning. Therefore, the surrounding things need to be "excluded" so that you can really focus on sleep. You should bring an eye mask and headphones (music or not) as things that separate you from the outside world, your sleep will not be interrupted by any more lights or sounds.

Choose the right baggage

One of the advantages of traveling by train is that you can carry a lot of luggage without the administrative penalty like when traveling by plane. For example, Amtrak allows passengers to bring two personal bags, two carry-on bags and two large bags, all free of charge.

However, there will be no separate luggage storage on the train, but only a row of luggage above the top of the rows of seats and they are often very narrow. Large suitcases will be difficult to fit in that storage slot. Therefore, you still need to choose the right luggage for you so that you do not have to struggle to carry them all the way. In addition, valuable and important items such as phones, wallets, medicines, train tickets should be put in a separate small bag and carried with you.

Bring snacks

Some trains will provide food and drink carefully for passengers, but most of the free items will often be unpopular, and the quality items will be too expensive. Therefore, the snack packs that you bring will become extremely necessary. In particular, the onboard service is not limited to the type of food and drink that can be brought on board, so you can freely choose your favorite "snack", including yogurt or sauces. Some suggestions for you are as follows: instant nuts, fruit, candy and a reusable water bottle.

Cleanse the body

After a long trip, taking some time to clean your body will help you feel more comfortable there! You can wash your face with the free water on board, spray body deodorant and wash your hands with a solution before and after eating. A clean body always makes the spirit more refreshing.

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