Thursday, July 1, 2021

Anchorage parks & trails

Taste of the Wilderness

For a feel of authentic Alaskan wilderness, head to the Eagle River Nature Center. You’ll need to carve out some time-3 hours or so—since it’s a 40 – minute drive each way. There you’ll find a dramatic mountain valley with sky-piercing granite cliffs, a swift glacial river, and waterfalls further up the valley.

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City Views

If you don’t have a lot of time but want a steep mountain trail with great city views, hike Flattop Mountain at Glen Alps-Alaska’s most-climbed mountain. It’s a 20-minute drive to the trail head and a heart-pumping 45-60 minutes to the top.

In-Town Woods

To immerse yourself in the woods in town, head to Kincaid Park. It’s only 15 minutes away, and you’ll find more than 80 miles of trails through the trees, some overlooking the Inlet. A quick warning: Many of the trails are hilly.

Leisurely Stroll

If you want a leisurely stroll with sweeping vistas across the Inlet (and you don’t mind crowds), check out the Coastal Trail. It’s 12 miles from downtown to Kincaid Park along mostly flat terrain. Don't corner moose into fences or houses.

Peace & Quiet in Midtown

If you have only a short time and you’re somewhere near the Chester Creek Trail, take a walk onto it. The trail follows a winding creek through tall trees-perfect for finding solitude even if you have only a half-hour.

If you're really into hiking, invest in the excellent book, 55 Ways to the Wilderness in South Central Alaska. It remains the classic after more than 20 years in print.

Anchorage Hiking Trails:

Circumnavigation of the Wedge

Kincaid Bluff Trail

O'Malley Peak Trail

Avalanche Mountain

Bear Point Trail

Winter in Bird Valley

Best Playgrounds in Anchorage & the Valley

Hike to Campbell Creek Gorge

Elderberry Park

Alyeska Resort Summer Mountain Biking & Hiking Trails

Margaret Eagan Sullivan Park

Ptarmigan Pass Trail

Mount Eklutna Loop

Anchorage Overlook Trail

Alyeska North Face Trail

Reed Lakes Trail

Penguin Peak Trail

Gold Mint Trail Hike & Backpack

Thunderbird Falls Trail

McHugh Peak

Blueberry Knoll

Kincaid Park

Flattop Mountain at Glen Alps

Winner Creek Trail

Rendezvous Peak Trail

Black Tail Rocks

South Fork Eagle River Trail to Eagle and Symphony Lakes

Chester Creek Trail

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

Rabbit Creek Trail to Rabbit Lake

Williwaw Lakes Trail

Eagle River Nature Center

Bartlett Ski Trails

Westchester Lagoon

Delaney Park Strip Downtown

Twin Peaks Trail

Cross country skiing in Beach Lake Park

Earthquake Park

Elmore Rd Trails SW Access

Ship Creek Trail (Downtown)

Campbell Creek Guide

Mount Alyeska Hiking Trails: Hiking For All Fitness Levels

Iditarod National Historic Trail

Independence Mine State Historical Park

Lower Fossil Creek Trail

Moose Meadow Trail

Dog Mushing Trail

Silver Fern Trail

South Fork Rim Trail

Abe's Trail (Gentoo-California Ridge)

Panorama View Trail

Bird Valley Trailhead

Near Point Trail

Lost Cabin Valley Trail

Middle Fork Loop

Hemlock Knob Trail

Hanging Valley Trail

California Creek Trail

Wolverine Bowl Loop

Ship Lake Pass Trail

Rabbit Creek Park Trail

University Lake Park

Valley of the Moon Park

Bird Ridge Interpretive Trail

White Spruce Trail

Lynn Ary Park

Blueberry Hollow

Cuddy Family Midtown Park

Ship Creek Trail (Alpenglow)

Alder Trail

Centennial Park Trails

Powerline Trail

Falls Creek Trail

McHugh Creek Recreation Area

Mt. Baldy

Point Woronzof Park

Bird Ridge Trail

Town Square Park

Alyeska Multi-Use Pathway

Campbell Tract Facility

Abbott Trail

Girdwood to Indian Bike Path (Bird to Gird Trail)

Russian Jack Springs Park

Emerald Hills Park

Goose Lake

Little Campbell Lake

Bird Point Park

Far North Bicentennial Park

Turnagain Arm Trail

View Point Trail

Briggs Bridge Access

Little O'Malley Peak

Little Loop Trail


Ballpark (Under O'Malley Peak)

Chester Valley Park

Baxter Bog/Pfleiger Park

Campbell Park

Beaver Dam Trail

Boy Scout Rocks

Glen Alps View Loop

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