Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Artist recreates Ho Chi Minh City's day of separation through paintings

Painter Le Sa Long is likened the Ho Chi Minh City paintings in the days of social distancing to a diary, recording unforgettable events in life.

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The scenery of Ho Chi Minh City is quiet through paintings

This set of paintings was born in the context of Ho Chi Minh City being "hurt" because of the epidemic. When the city implemented social distancing, painter Le Sa ​​Long had time to reflect on his love for Saigon, to feel the humanity in the midst of the pandemic. He decided to convey his perspective through paintings. 

Notre Dame Cathedral, Dong Khoi Street, Truong Sa Street, Ngo Duc Ke Street in the night rain, or Turtle Lake, Nguyen Hue Walking Street... no longer has the inherent bustling image as before. Each street corner, the famous iconic landmark of Saigon appearing in the paintings of painter Le Sa ​​Long is a deserted scene, the blockade cords are entangled. The artist said that when making landscape paintings, he has to go to reality many times, sketch and then edit. Since the end of June, the epidemic situation was complicated, Le Sa ​​Long did not go out to draw sketches. He was forced to redraw pictures from previous photos sent by friends, pictures shared on social networks. 

Ngo Duc Ke Street (District 1) in the rain at night in the early days of separation is his favorite work. The quiet painting of "Turtle Lake" made him worry a lot. This is a place associated with many memories of the artist nearly 30 years ago, when he was still a student in a small province as a tenderfoot in Saigon to study. On June 20, when I saw the area was stretched, the scene was lonely, it seemed that my heart was also waning", painter Le Sa ​​Long confided.

Warm love in the midst of a pandemic

In the midst of the quiet scene of the city struggling because of the "flu", there is still the warm humanity of doctors and nurses fighting the epidemic day and night, and people everywhere joining hands towards Saigon. Long used the language of painting to recreate those meaningful moments.
The picture of female doctor Pham Thi Thanh Thuy wearing protective gear holding a baby in the emergency department of Trung Vuong hospital (District 10, Ho Chi Minh City) makes no one no emotional. The image of a 5-year-old baby (Binh Chanh, HCMC) wearing baggy protective gear, stepping into an ambulance is a work of painter Le Sa ​​Long that conveys many emotions. He said the baby's picture was taken by a nurse. Both his father and grandmother had Covid-19. 

Contrary to the solitude of the blocked tourist spots, the images of restaurants and supermarkets of 0 dong, Mr. Minh's vegetable stall... made many people have a more positive view of the future that the Covid-19 pandemic will soon end. 

After posting the set of paintings on Ho Chi Minh City in social distancing days on his private account, painter Le Sa ​​Long received many positive feedbacks from the online community. Many people ask to buy the works even though they have not seen them with their own eyes. "Living in Ho Chi Minh City long enough, it hurts me to see the dear city sick, but in the midst of difficulties, there is still humanity. I believe that when everyone is united, the city will soon be healthy", Painter Le Sa ​​Long shared.

From the end of May until now, artist Le Sa Long has painted about 40 paintings depicting life in Ho Chi Minh City when the Covid-19 epidemic broke out. Mr. Long continues to paint 20 more paintings and will organize an exhibition of this set of paintings to mark the day Ho Chi Minh City overcomes the pandemic. All proceeds from the sale of paintings will be donated to the fund to help the poor and disadvantaged workers.

Painter Le Sa Long studied and established a career in Ho Chi Minh City for more than 30 years. In 2020, he attracted attention with a series of paintings about musician Trinh Cong Son and "music lovers". His painting exhibition “Masks and Celebrities” also resonated.

Paintings by Painter Le Sa Long

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