Monday, July 26, 2021

Floods, wildfires and a series of global climate crisis photos

Climate change and environmental pollution have caused many lands around the world to be severely affected.

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Houses in Erftstadt-Blessem (Germany) were submerged and others collapsed after a recent major flood. Many German newspapers called this a "death flood" when it happened suddenly in many places, causing great damage to people and property. This is also the worst flood in 200 years in Germany. According to The Guardian, it is estimated that the death toll has reached more than 120 people.
The fire was so intense that it was difficult for firefighters and volunteers to put it out. The fire broke out in a village near the city of Corinth, Greece. According to statistics, the fire in May this year burned 20 square kilometers of pine forest.
Large-scale natural disasters in recent years cause the problem of the climate crisis. This is the general term for global warming and climate change and their consequences. In the photo, a firefighting plane drops fire extinguishing chemicals on a large fire in the Jurupa valley (USA) in May.
A man takes pictures of plumes of smoke rising from a fire in Topanga State Park near Los Angeles, USA.
The above photo shows many different clusters of fires across the state of Oregon, USA.
Interesting image when 2 sheep are relaxing on the hillside and in the distance is a fire in the wasteland.
Floodwaters flooded more than half the wheel of a car after Cyclone Christoph brought heavy rain across the UK.
In February, Athens (Greece) experienced the heaviest snowfall in a decade. The Parthenon and the Acropolis hill were covered in white snow, surprising people. In Greece, there are usually about 300 sunny days a year. The heavy snow cover was truly an unbelievable sight.
Smoke covers a corner of the sky as the Bootleg forest fire in southern Oregon spreads over an area of ​​about 1,210 square kilometers on July 18. The hot, dry weather and strong winds made the fire even more intense. The US National Weather Service announced that the western region will still suffer from fires in the near future.
Residents of Portland (Oregon) gather in a cooling center to avoid the 40 degree Celsius heat outside.

People give horses a cool bath in Moscow (Russia). The city has just experienced its hottest week in June since 1901.

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