Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Impressive places in Quy Nhon attract young people

Quy Nhon was honored in the top 20 destinations in the world for its pristine beauty and rich cuisine. Here are the places you remember to "pocket" to explore when you have the opportunity.

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Cu Lao Xanh: Dubbed the "Pearl of the East Sea", is located on Nhon Chau island, 24 km from the center of Quy Nhon city. As the name suggests, Cu Lao Xanh (meaning Green Isle) harmonizes between the green space of trees and the endless immensity of the immense sea and sky. In addition to swimming, visitors visiting this island can also snorkel to see the coral and check-in the architectural lighthouse that combines Western gothic style and unique oriental architecture. Photo: Cu Lao Xanh travel.

Hon Kho: 16 km to the east of Quy Nhon city is Hon Kho - a small island with intact wild features. Coming here, you can not only dive to see the coral, drop yourself under the clear water but also walk on the sandy road in the middle of the sea. When the tide recedes, a cliff mixed with sand is exposed, creating a road more than 500 m long leading from Nhon Hai fishing village to the island. Walking on the soft sand road with small waves patting bare feet, flanked by the blue sea… will be an unforgettable experience for anyone who visits this place. Photo: Ha Truc.

Hon Seo: This is one of 6 places with beautiful beaches of Quy Nhon, located in the east of Nhon Ly town, about 5 km from the mainland. Located in the middle of the vast sea, the only way to go to Hon Seo island is by boat or ship, about 20-30 minutes. Coming to Hon Seo, you will be able to see the rocky beach with all shapes and colors. The stones lying on top of each other have been honed by the sea waves over the years to become round and smooth. Not far from the rocky beach, at the foot of the mountain, there is a fairly large cave deep inside, you can stop here to rest, eat and relax… Photo: Shutterstock.

Phuong Mai Sand Dunes: 20 km from Quy Nhon city center, Phuong Mai sand dunes have a large area with gentle, curved terrain like the image of a young girl. Sand dunes have an average height of 20-30 m, some places are up to 100 m above sea level and are one of the highest sand dunes in Central Vietnam. This place has a typical wild beauty, with sand lines that change continuously with the direction of the wind. Walking on the soft, golden grains of sand in the sun, you will feel like you are lost in a vast desert in the other half of the hemisphere. Photo:

Eo Gio: About 20 km from the city, Eo Gio is one of the "must go" places when coming to Quy Nhon. The blue strait, surrounded by high rocky mountains with many fancy shapes, makes the scenery here magnificent but equally romantic. Visiting Eo Gio in the early morning, you can lie back on the big rocks, bathe in the morning sun, listen to the waves crashing on the shore and feel each cool breeze. You can also walk along the coastal walking path made up of thousands of long steps, located in the middle of the majestic mountains. Photo: Shutterstock.

Ky Co: The place is likened to "Vietnamese Maldives" located at the foot of Phuong Mai mountain, in Nhon Ly island commune, about 20 km from Quy Nhon city. This is an interesting tourist destination with two sides bordering the mountain and one side facing the sea. One of the unique features of Ky Co is that the sea water here has 2 distinct colors: Near the shore is a clear blue color, you can see the bottom, away from it, the sea water is dark blue like a soft undulating silk strip. Photo: Danh Khoi Group.

Takashi Ocean Suite Ky Co: Located not far from Eo Gio, Ky Co, the Japanese-style beach resort town of Takashi Ocean Suite is gradually taking shape. With a unique architecture and complete utility system, this place promises to help extend the experiences in Quy Nhon of travel enthusiasts. After being immersed in the unspoiled space at Eo Gio, visitors can visit this place to fully feel the culture and spirit of the land of rising sun with Torii gate, Koi fish kite hill, lantern path, bamboo path. , Shibuya intersection, Zen garden, tea ceremony area, ninja village, snow flower town, cherry blossom garden... and experience a series of unique facilities. Photo: Danh Khoi Group.

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