Saturday, July 31, 2021

Kokubunji city (Japan) organizes promotion of Vietnamese space

As one of the "host cities" of the Vietnam Sports Delegation at the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020, today (July 31), the Kokubunji city government coordinated with the Vietnamese Embassy to Japan held an event to promote Vietnamese space.

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At the 5th floor of the Cocobunji Plaza building, the Kokubunji city government opened the series of events "Hello Vietnam", by organizing an exhibition to promote some basic information related to Vietnam such as: geography location, food culture, sports and traditional costumes, as well as reviewing the main features of the relationship between Kokubunji city and Vietnam. In addition, the organizers have worked very hard to recreate a fanciful space of the Hoi An ancient town lantern festival, helping viewers to visualize this festival in the most authentic way.

Present at the event, Kokubunji City Mayor Mr. Izawa Kunio said that although the Olympic Games have been going on for a while, we still have the Olympics for the disabled and did not forget to send a message of encouragement to Vietnam sports delegation

“According to what the people of Kokubunji know, Vietnamese athletes are very determined to compete. And of course, try your best!”

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