Thursday, July 29, 2021

The 11 most pedestrian-friendly cities in the world

Not only helps to keep healthy, friendly to the environment; Walking is also a fun way for visitors to discover unique attractions and meet local residents. Let's explore the most pedestrian-friendly cities.

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Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is not only a great city for boating on the canals, cycling... but also a great place to walk and explore. Most of the city's main attractions are located close to the center, and Amsterdam also has an excellent public transport system. The only thing you need to be careful about is not to enter the bike lane to avoid a collision. Another great city to explore on foot in the Netherlands is Maastricht, a great place to go for a walk without a guidebook.

Paris, France

Paris is one of the most pedestrian-friendly cities in Europe and has much to offer visitors. Some prominent walking spots in Paris are the old Latin quarter, the Luxembourg garden; or stroll through the streets from Sacré-Coeur to Montmartre. There are several other beautiful walking routes that lead to the Eiffel Tower after crossing the Pont de L'Alma bridge and the Seine.

Edinburgh, Scotland

The Scottish city of Edinburgh is not very large, making exploring on foot easy and enjoyable. Here you will find an interesting mix of architectural styles, ancient and modern buildings, and plenty of lively pubs where visitors can stop by. Plus, the cafe and restaurant scene is especially appealing to locals and tourists alike.

Munich, Germany

Munich is an ideal city for pedestrians, as there are many beautifully decorated buildings and structures that you can see along the way. Take a stroll through the English garden, the shopping center at Marienplatz and walk past the Frauenkirche. There are plenty of art museums to stop by during your trip, as well as plenty of sidewalk cafes, bars, and restaurants to visit.

Venice, Italy

Venice is one of the most walkable cities; partly because the streets are often too narrow and crowded with vehicles. Walking around Venice gives you a true sense of the city and helps you experience the little things that make it unique. If you don't want to walk the sidewalks packed with tourists, avoid Venice from April to September every year.

Florence, Italy

Another Italian city that is also perfect for a walk is Florence. The streets here are cobblestone and narrow, so walking is preferable to cars. Walking is the best way to explore this beautiful city; There are plenty of restaurants with outdoor seating, cafes and architectural masterpieces to admire, and the six main bridges along the Centro Historico are well worth a visit. Some of the top attractions you should visit are the Ponte Vecchio bridge, Piazzale Michelangelo square, Boboli garden with a collection of sculptures dating back hundreds of years.

Montreal, Canada

Great cities for walking in Canada are Vancouver, Toronto, and Quebec City. However, Montreal is probably the most pedestrian and bike friendly place. There are more than 20,000 restaurants and cafes in the city and they are all located within a very short walking distance of each other. It's easy for visitors to walk from bar to bar, from shop to shop while exploring the city of Montreal.

New York, USA

In the US, New York consistently tops the list of the most pedestrian-friendly cities. This is a city where traffic is congested, parking is difficult to find and expensive. These factors have greatly contributed to the city's walking culture. Walking around New York is something that attracts visitors even if you have no destination to visit. For a great overview of the city, start at Battery Park in Lower Manhattan and work your way through the financial district to the West Village, Chelsea and Upper West Side.

Antigua, Guatemala

For those who like to find pleasant surprises in every corner, they are sure to enjoy walking around Antigua. Antigua is a small city and most of the popular attractions are located close to each other. Hotels and motels are located near restaurants and bars, so you usually don't need to rent a car to explore the city center. But be careful and wear comfortable, sturdy shoes; because some sidewalks are narrow and have been cracked by the weather for many years.

Marrakech, Morocco

Located at the foot of the beautiful Atlas Mountains, the city is small and very suitable for walking. Marrakech is the meeting place between the old and the new, the classic and the modern. It is a modern new city with a desert atmosphere, along with many historical attractions located in the old town of Medina. Be sure to visit the Koutoubia mosque, the ruins of Badii Palace, Djemaa el Fna Square and sample local street food.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne has it all, including attractions, green spaces and beautiful bay views. Both tourists and locals often walk to explore this city. One of the best places to walk in Melbourne is St. Kilda, where you can explore the local, markets, bistros, people-watch and relax.

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