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The peaks cost billions to conquer

Conquering a mountain peak is the dream of many people, whether it's a mountain near home or the highest peaks in the world. However, whether you are a professional climber or an amateur traveler, you must be physically and financially fit to pursue this dream.

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As announced by Outforia, the most famous and desired peaks can cost tens of thousands of dollars per visitor. This cost is expensive because when you join a professional climbing group, you will have a guide, a support person, and the necessary equipment to buy or rent.

Outforia also lists the 10 most expensive peaks to conquer, and Everest ranks first in both altitude and cost. Half of this cost more than 10,000 euros for the climb, not counting the money to move and other expenses.

Everest, Nepal

It's no surprise that the tallest and most prized mountain peak in the world, Mount Everest, tops this list. However, what is perhaps more shocking is the price, with a trip to Everest costing up to 70,921 Euros (about 1.93 billion VND).

For ease of comparison, according to Euronews, the average annual salary of a European is 20,340 Euros. Thus, a person needs to save his salary for at least three and a half years to have a trip to conquer Mount Everest.

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Vinson, Antarctica

Located on one of the most remote continents, Vinson in Antarctica is one of the most beautiful and accessible peaks, with an elevation of about 4,892 meters. The mountain is about 1,200 km from the South Pole of the Earth.

However, isolation and complicated weather add to the cost, plus the need for a guide to help you find your way in this less popular area will cost visitors about 39,317 (approximately 1,400 USD). 07 billion VND), half the cost to conquer Everest.

Cho Oyu, China

At 8.188m, Cho Oyu Peak means "Turquoise Goddess" in Tibetan. It is the sixth highest mountain in the world, located on China's border with Nepal. With the often moderately sloping slopes of the northwest route, Cho Oyu is considered the easiest mountain above 8,000 m to climb.

However, in order to avoid avalanches, which are not uncommon, along with technical errors and fatal accidents, mountaineers should still seek professional groups to ensure safe travel, at a cost of about 28,420 euros (about 774 million VND).

Puncak Jaya, Indonesia

The only peak on an island on this list, Puncak Jaya is the highest peak in Indonesia. The peak reaches an altitude of 4,884 meters and is the fifth highest of Southeast Asia.

A climb to Mount Puncak Jaya costs 23,136 Euros (about 630 million VND). To be able to climb the mountain, visitors need to have a permit from the government. The mountain was closed to tourists and climbers from 1995 to 2005. Since 2006, people can climb the mountain through adventure travel agencies.

Denali, USA

Denali is located in the Alaska Mountains in the US state of Alaska. In 2015, the mountain's name was changed from Mount McKinley to its original name, Denali, given by indigenous peoples who have inhabited the mountain for centuries.

Denali means "Tall Man", the mountain has an altitude of 6,190 m, is the highest peak in North America. The journey to the top of this snow-covered mountain is likely to cost about 10,187 Euros (about 277 million VND).

Monte San Lorenzo, Argentina

At the southernmost tip of South America, Monte San Lorenzo straddles the border between Chile and Argentina. As the lowest mountain on the list, it is not the cheapest mountain, with a price of 7,768 Euro (about 211 million VND) for a trip.

The mountain's Chilean name, Monte Cochrane, refers to the nearby village of Cochrane. This is a popular spot to kick off mountain hikes.

Mera, Nepal

As a country famous for its impressive landscape, Mount Mera in Nepal has an elevation of 6,476 m. Although it will have to spend about 7,587 Euro (about 206 million VND) to conquer the top of the mountain, the spectacular view on the top will be a worthy reward. If the weather is good, visitors can see the five highest mountains in the world at the same time, while standing on the top of Mera.

Eiger, Switzerland

Rising high in the middle of the Swiss Alps is the Eiger, a towering and relatively dangerous mountain. Its northern face has very large steep cliffs. Since 1935, at least 65 climbers have lost their lives in attempts from the North face of the Eiger, although there are less risky routes up the mountain.
In an inherently expensive place to travel like Switzerland, climbing the Eiger will cost brave travelers the equivalent of 7,135 Euros (about 194 million VND).

Aconcagua, Argentina

Said to be one of the deadliest peaks in South America, Aconcagua is not for the faint of heart. With an altitude of nearly 7,000 meters and a cost of 7,078 Euros (about 192 million VND), visitors will need both bravery and a large bank balance to reach this peak.

Aconcagua is noted to be particularly dangerous, with around 3 deaths recorded annually, earning it the nickname "Mountain of Death". Even so, conquering Aconcagua is considered a relatively easy climb, if visitors go by the traditional route.

Matterhorn, Switzerland

At 4,478 m, the Matterhorn is one of the most famous peaks in the Alps, with its almost perfect triangular shape. However, with the popularity of the peak comes a price of around 6,924 Euros (about 188 million VND) for each climb.
The symmetrical beauty makes the mountain an iconic image for Switzerland, but the slope is also a challenge that makes many climbers shy. Between 2005 and 2015, an average of 12 people died each year in the attempt to conquer Matterhorn. In the first group of tourists to climb the Matterhorn, four of the seven climbers died while descending from the summit.

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