Sunday, July 25, 2021

The perfect destinations for traveling to Europe by train

Traveling to Europe by train is a completely different experience. The continent-wide rail network offers travelers a wide range of options, from cultural hubs in the north to sunlit cities in the south.

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Explore the old town in Bern

The capital of Switzerland is a beautiful destination located on the banks of the clear Aare River and surrounded by the majestic Alps covered with white snow. The cobblestone streets take visitors around the old town, lined with bars, cafes and craft shops. For the best view of the medieval Altstadt quarter, climb the 344 steps to the top of Bern Cathedral. This is the tallest church tower in Switzerland, with a height of 101 m.

From Paris and Frankfurt, direct trains run to Bern in 4.5 hours. From Brussels and London, the journey takes 7.5 hours with one transfer point.

Culinary experience in Florence

It is difficult to explore all European cuisine in just one destination, but the city of Florence (Italy) is a special case. There's a preference for local organic dishes, popular on the menus of Tuscan cuisine such as "schiacciata" flatbreads and Florentine steaks. Spend some time enjoying the "tagliatelle" made with locally sourced mushrooms, or enjoy the "pappardelle" pasta served with wild boar, and the gelato which is better than anywhere else.

Visitors can reach Florence with night trains, which take about 10 hours from Munich or 6.5 hours from Geneva.

Learn about culture in Amsterdam

Located far from popular tourist routes, yet attractive and vibrant Seville (Spain) will be a bonus for travelers willing to explore new destinations. This city has a rich history, impressive architecture such as the largest Gothic church in the world or the Royal Palace of Alcázar. The sunlit setting, winding streets, mouthwatering tapas and vibrant Flamenco dance are sure to leave an impression.

Seville is a 2.5-hour train ride from Madrid. A train from Paris to Seville takes about 12-13 hours.

Unique architecture in Cologne

Cologne (Germany) possesses a unique blend of ancient Roman architecture and medieval churches. The twin spiers of the Kölner Dom church are symbols of the city, where visitors can climb more than 500 steps for panoramic views. It houses one of the largest bells in the world, weighing 24 tons.

You can get to Cologne from London in 4.5 hours, with a transfer station in Brussels. From Paris, the direct train to Cologne takes only 3 hours.

Visit the lush vineyards of Bordeaux

Considered the wine capital of France, Bordeaux captivates visitors with its neat, pretty vineyards. There are hundreds of wineries and castles here for visitors to learn more about the production process and taste wine. The Cite du Vin Museum will be an impressive venue with fascinating exhibitions on wines.

Bordeaux is a two-hour train ride from Paris. You can get here from London or Amsterdam in about 5.5 hours with a transfer station, or in 4.5 hours from Brussels.

City of Heritage - Vienna

The Austrian capital is known as the "Music City of the World" thanks to the legacies of Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms and Strauss. Don't forget to visit the world-famous Musikverein, home to the Vienna Symphony Orchestra, or explore the interactive exhibits at the Haus der Musik innovation museum. Alternatively, visitors can explore the royal legacy left by the House of Habsburg at the Hofburg Palace, which dates back to the 13th century and is one of the largest palace complexes in the world.

You can reach Vienna from Paris in 10 hours by train, or from Brussels in 11 hours. A direct train from Frankfurt to Vienna takes only 6.5 hours.

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