Friday, July 23, 2021

The photos are very ordinary but contain a creepy historical story

The photos below look very ordinary, but few would expect that behind them are the stories that once shocked the world.

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Employees in the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz enjoying a vacation. Their job is to kill people in the most gruesome ways. Most of these people just took other people's lives shortly before or after the pictures were taken.
Jewish children at Auschwitz concentration camp hold hands and walk, unaware that a gas chamber awaits them ahead.
The smiling man (circled) in the photo is serial killer Rodney Alcala. By the time he appeared on the 1970s dating game show, he had raped several women and murdered at least one of them.

Astronauts of the US space shuttle Culombia pose for a photo in zero gravity. They probably didn't know that their shuttle was being damaged beyond repair and would explode shortly after during re-entry. The incident happened on February 1, 2003.
The moment singer John Lennon signed autographs for Mark David Chapman - who killed him shortly after.

American physicist Harold Agnew holds the nuclear core of the Fat Man atomic bomb. The bomb was dropped by the US on the Japanese city of Nagasaki in 1945, killing 80,000 people instantly. Many others died slowly from the long-term effects of the bomb blast.
Indulging taking selfies on the train tracks, these 3 girls didn't know that a train was coming towards them.
Serial killer John Edward Robinson (yellow sweater) holding baby Tiffany Stasi. Few people know that the day before this photo was taken, Robinson murdered her mother. Robinson then gave baby Tiffany to his brother, saying she had been adopted by him. Robinson's brother, along with Tiffany, failed to uncover the truth for 15 years. This guy was sentenced to death in 2000. Only eight of his victims have been identified.
Thirteen hours after taking this photo, American volcanologist David A. Johnston and 56 others were killed in a volcanic eruption on May 18, 1980.
This is a shot of Tyler Hadley, who is holding a mug, at a party at the subject's house. Right before the party, he murdered his parents with a hammer and hid their bodies in his bedroom.

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