Wednesday, July 28, 2021

US officials advise tourists not to go to Las Vegas

In front of the Covid-19 outbreak in Las Vegas, many local health officials advised Americans not to travel to this city.

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The mayor of the Hawaiian island of Kauai, Derek Kawakami, warned residents not to travel to Las Vegas, noting that it was becoming a "major hotspot" for the outbreak of Covid-19 cases.

Mr. Derek noted that many positive cases of Covid-19 were identified from people's trips back from Las Vegas.

"This destination has many worrying risks. Visitors to Las Vegas can still experience a lot of crowded indoor and outdoor activities. They can come in contact with people from many other cities without required mask-wearing," said a statement from the Hawaii Department of Health's Kauai County health office.

Currently, visitors to Las Vegas are not required to wear masks. Photo: Travel and Leisure.

Planning travel to Las Vegas can increase the risk of spreading Covid-19 to many other locations. The Hawaii Department of Health recommends that travelers should be fully vaccinated before planning a trip.

The island of Hawaii isn't the only one warning residents to stay away from bustling US cities.

A health official from Contra Costa County (California) shared: "With Covid-19, what happens in Las Vegas doesn't just stay in Las Vegas."

Health officials in Los Angeles, who spoke on condition of anonymity, also advised Americans to stay away from Nevada, especially those who have not been vaccinated. The city of Chicago and several other states add Nevada to the list of tourist destinations to note.

In Las Vegas, all employees working in offices must wear masks to ensure the prevention and control of the spread of Covid-19, especially the new Delta variant. However, this mandatory mask wearing order does not apply to tourists at this time.

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