Wednesday, July 28, 2021

What did the Maldives look like before the 'tourist bomb' hit

The island nation in the Indian Ocean was once assessed as not having enough potential to attract international visitors. However, after about 50 years, everything has changed.

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Today, the Maldives is famous as a resort paradise for the rich. However, in the past, people on this island nation mainly followed the fishing profession thanks to natural advantages. It was not until 1972, when the Kurumba Maldives resort began to open to guests, that the position of the Maldives on the world tourist map began to change. In the photo, a small number of tourists came to the Maldives in the 1970s.
At that time, the Maldives only had a small runway on Hulhule Island (the current international airport). All built by volunteers. However, these flights are not held regularly.
At that time, Maldives was like a blank sheet of paper, with no banks, no airports, no telephones, only communication by radio or Morse code. Even experts from UNDP (United Nations Development Program) also said that Maldives cannot develop tourism because of poor infrastructure and facilities.
The first guest accommodations were made of coral and limestone. Many materials or some goods that are not available on the island are transported by sea, sometimes up to 3 months. Poor telecommunications service, delayed news are obvious in the early days of Maldives welcoming tourists. According to CNN, visitors must prepare all their own belongings when coming here because there are no shops on the island.
Before tourism developed, there were only a few inhabitants on the island on which Kurumba Maldives is now located. The "gods" who come here on the first day are not allowed to participate in paddle boarding sessions or take a speedboat to another island for dinner under the starry sky. They hardly do anything but fish and sunbathe.
The rudimentary resorts on the first day in the Maldives.
The scenery is not too luxurious and high class like the paradise Maldives of today.
The resort lobby at that time was quite simple.
In the early days, visitors came here to experience tourism in a "hippie" style. They organize outdoor barbecue parties, play guitar together, sing songs.
The idea of bringing foreign visitors to a deprived island in the Indian Ocean was not appreciated at the time.
Rare photos of the pristine Maldives.
Before the Covid-19 epidemic, the Maldives also faced many problems, especially climate. Sea level rise greatly affects the daily life of the people on the island. People have also been advised to leave the island nation.

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