Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Why you should visit slovenia, here are the reason

Slovenia might be a country of diminutive proportions but crammed within its compact borders you’ll find fascinating cities, Alpine peaks and a beautiful Adriatic coastline. Here are our top reasons to visit.

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1. It’s small and easy to explore

Big-hitting Italy and Austria might dwarf neighbouring Slovenia on the map, but they can’t compete with a country where you can skip between the mountains, capital and coast with terrific ease. Cyclists and drivers benefit from quiet roads cutting through glorious landscapes, while trains are efficient and reliable.

2. It’s home to one of the world’s most stunning lakes

With its shimmering waters, mountain backdrop and a picturesque island topped with a Baroque church, Lake Bled looks like it leaped out of a fairytale. Its well-deserved status as a national beauty means it draws big crowds, but rowing across the glacial lake as the church bell tolls in the distance is still wonderfully romantic.

3. It has spectacular caves

Subterranean Slovenia is every bit as mesmerizing as the landscapes you’ll encounter above ground level. In the southwestern Karst region, Postojna and Škocjan caves are extraordinary limestone sculpture parks dripping with clusters of stalactites and stalagmites.

4. It’s a brilliant destination for adventure sports

If you like to get your heart racing, Slovenia can definitely oblige. From white-water rafting along the snaking, emerald-hued River Soča to exhilarating ziplines running through the Julian Alps, it’s an adrenaline junkie’s paradise. Summer visitors can hike, climb and kayak while small ski resorts open once winter snowfall starts drifting over the mountains.

5. For its gorgeous stretch of Adriatic coastline

Sharing borders with four countries, Slovenia is largely landlocked. However, for a brief pause along its western limits, it meets the sparkling Adriatic Sea. Along this lovely 30-mile stretch of coastline lie the fishing villages of Piran and Izola, lined with graceful Italianate buildings, and the buzzing resort of Portorož.

6. It has an elegant capital city

Chic and serene, Ljubljana has all the class you’d expect of a European capital with the bonus of an enviably relaxed vibe. Topped by a medieval castle, its leafy streets are dotted with classical buildings designed by Slovene architect Jože Plečnik. Intriguing monuments, galleries and museums offer cultural diversions by day while the city’s atmospheric riverside clubs and restaurants come to life at night.

7. For the compelling WWI battle sites

Experiencing the deep peace of the Soča Valley today, it’s hard to believe that this tranquil landscape was the site of a massive World War I battle only a century ago. A trail passes the old military fortifications and memorial chapels that are an enduring legacy of the mountains’ violent history, and Kobarid Museum documents the conflict.

8. It’s an excellent place for wine connoisseurs

Trained along the facade of The Old Vine House in the eastern city of Maribor is the world’s oldest productive vine, still bearing fruit after more than 400 years. There’s a long history of wine production in Slovenia and you can tour the vineyards and cellars of the country’s 14 wine districts on special routes, sampling full-bodied Teran or enjoying a glass or two of Slovene sparkling wine as you go.

9. For snow-capped mountain adventures

Head for the clouds at Triglav National Park, named after towering Triglav, the country’s highest peak at 9,400ft. You can hike through shady pine and larch forests where rare orchids and pale Julian poppies bloom, ascending to magnificent Alpine views. If you’re lucky you might catch a glimpse of golden eagles or griffon vultures soaring above.

10. For its rural hospitality

Hundreds of tourist farms dotted throughout Slovenia’s countryside offer travellers an immersive experience of local life. Staying in traditional farmhouses and sometimes dining with your hosts, you’ll be able to sample regional specialities and wine, while kids might be able to get stuck in with the animals or hone their cookery skills.

11. For its quirky accommodation

It’s easy to steer clear of bland chain hotels in Slovenia. From sleeping in a former 19th-century prison cell at hip Ljubljana hangout Hostel Celica to finding your inner Heidi in an Alpine log cabin at Pristava Lepena or slumbering amid the treetops at Garden Village near Lake Bled, you can take your pick of offbeat places to stay.

12. It’s a stress-free destination

Low-stress holidays can be hard to find and many destinations are tainted by huge crowds, complicated travel or wallet-draining prices. But perhaps by virtue of its tiny size or better-known neighbours, Slovenia is generally free of these frustrating pitfalls. A welcoming, calm and beautiful country you can fully explore without long car journeys or costly internal flights – what’s not to love?

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