Wednesday, December 8, 2021

3 villas under 5 million VND/night near Hanoi

Low cost, close distance is the criteria set by many people in the capital for their year-end vacation.

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The epidemic makes outings more worrisome. Currently, most prefer resorts with few people, beautiful, immersed in nature but cost savings. The reason is that many people's economy has been severely affected by the recent prolonged epidemic. With the above criteria, here are 3 villas you can refer to.

Memory Ba Vi

Address: Muong Phu Vang Village, Van Hoa, Ba Vi

Weekday price: 3.5 million VND for a group of 10-15 people

Photo: Anbooking.
The villa area features a modern design, glass view, bringing you to nature even when sitting inside the house.

Villa has 3 bedrooms (2 single rooms, 1 dormitory room) and is fully equipped with amenities. The kitchen is also prepared by the host with cooking utensils, serving your group's BBQ parties.

The outside space is airy with many trees, fruit trees and smooth green grass, especially suitable for setting up tents and camps. The outdoor dining table and chairs are arranged right next to the pool, quite "chill" for the evening barbecue.

However, the pool also does not have warm water so it cannot be used in winter. This is a minus point for this villa. In return, because the landscape is quite beautiful, you can still "live virtual" with this pool view even without going into the water.

Sky Venus Dai Lai

Address: Zone B Flamingo Dai Lai

Weekday price: About more than 3 million VND for a group of 10-15 people

Photo: Anh Tu.

This villa is located in B Flamingo Dai Lai area, so the landscape has not been completed much. However, in return, you will enjoy the quiet, fresh air and not have to interact with many other guests.
Regarding the landscape, because there are still some places under construction, the surrounding scenery is not very special, in return there is a beautiful lake view area.

Villa has 3 floors fully equipped with facilities for group relaxation. A total of 3 bedrooms in the villa and the living room can also be "requisitioned" as a bedroom if your group needs it. In general, the need to eat, sleep, and rest is not something to worry about for a group of 10-15 people when choosing this villa.

Unfortunately, on the day we went out, the villa's speakers broke down again. However, since I have speakers, this is not a big deal. In addition, around the villa area (going out of the entrance gate) there are also many roadside grocery stores so you can buy more items if you lack.

The highlight of the villa is the private swimming pool. The owner also arranges more "virtual life" buoys or SUP boats for you to take pictures here. In addition, the villa has a waterfall system that flows directly into the pool, making the frame more impressive. However, due to the outdoor pool, there is no hot water, so swimming or taking pictures at this time is relatively difficult. You can "forget yourself" for art if you want around noon because the temperature is also warmer.

Another plus point of the villa is the sauna, which is suitable when the weather in the North is getting colder and colder. Room tenants can use 45 minutes free of charge.

Villa is designed with the main white and blue tones, bringing a modern feeling and "genuine" check-in photos. In general, apart from the unfinished exterior of the whole area, this is a good villa in the affordable range.

Green Villa Hoa Binh

Address: Hoa Hop Commune, Luong Son, Hoa Binh

Weekday price: From 2 million VND for a group of 8-16 people
Photo: Xanh Villa.

This beautiful small homestay is located in an isolated location, surrounded by green trees and fields, bringing the experience of being in harmony with nature for visitors. This can be considered an ideal place to "escape" from the dust and noise of the city.

This plus point can also be considered a minus. Because it is far from residential areas (up to 4 km from the center), going to the market is quite difficult. In fact, the villa has a service to order food and go to the market. Experience is that you should ask carefully when booking a villa about the distance to a residential area, service of going to market to avoid shortage of items.

The villa campus is about 2,000 m2 wide with a view of the mountains and romantic fields. This place may not be suitable for young people who resort with the "luxury, genuine, smooth" criteria. However, for those who love peaceful countryside scenery, this villa is a good choice. In addition, the villa is also designed with white, idyllic colors, in harmony with the landscape.

Villa has 3 single bedrooms, 1 dormitory room, enough for groups of 12-16 people. Basic utilities such as refrigerators, large screen TVs... are all enough. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the conveniences when choosing this resort.

Due to being far from residential areas, groups of friends can have fun all night here after the BBQ party without worrying about affecting others.

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