Thursday, December 16, 2021

Phu Quoc becomes an ideal destination for 'digital nomads'

Phu Quoc is becoming a favorite destination for visitors and residents 4.0 thanks to its modern development.

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Thuc Hanh (26 years old, content creator) took a flight to Phu Quoc on a sunny day. Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort's car was waiting to take her to the south of the island. The cool weather put her in a good mood.

After 2 online meetings with foreign partners, Hanh closed her laptop to rest. The villa she placed in the resort has a private swimming pool, direct view of the sea. After swimming to her heart's content, she went to the restaurant to have dinner just after sunset.

Thuc Hanh, like many other young people, is a digital nomad.

Digital nomads of the 4.0 era

Digital nomads refer to people who are constantly on the move, independent of the traditional office by working largely through technological devices. Digital nomad first appeared in the book “The Digital Nomad” published in 1997. But according to Techmonitor statistics, it was not until 2014 that this lifestyle flourished. The MBO Partners organization estimated there are around million digital nomads globally, of which, Millennials and Generation Z account for 50%.

There are an estimated 4.8 million digital nomads globally.

To become a digital nomad, you need to prepare things: The right destination; appropriate applications and tools; find community and companions; live and work under their own conditions. In particular, finding the right destination is very important, it is best to stick with the countries and regions that give you a comfortable feeling to work and communicate.

Phu Quoc is a popular destination for the digital nomad community.

Digital nomads will spend the most time in their dream cities, ideal by their criteria. A website called Nomad List shares useful information such as the weather, how widely English is spoken at locations, security, Wi-Fi, and monthly costs in hundreds of cities. The digital nomads are easy to reference. In Vietnam, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang are favorite cities of digital nomads. Recently, Phu Quoc is becoming an increasingly ranked destination, due to its outstanding development in many aspects.

Phu Quoc - "paradise" island

Phu Quoc is also the first destination Thuc Hanh chose to return to after a long time of "restriction herself" due to social distancing. Sharing about her choice, she said: "I like Phu Quoc because there are many places accommodation that meets what I need which is a beautiful house overlooking the sea, a delicious dinner and an open place to work.”

“I chose the south island because this area is diverse in life experiences. If you want an upscale resort or international standard entertainment, there is an ecosystem of Sun Group with 5-star resorts, Hon Thom cable car, water park... Besides, I can also go to An Thoi fish market, eat at sidewalk restaurants, and mingle with the lives of local residents," added Thuc Hanh. She also said that the location near the airport on the south island is a great advantage with her job requirements.

Beachfront villa at Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort.

Talking about Phu Quoc, Phuong Thao - freelance designer - often uses the phrase "paradise island." She often chooses Phu Quoc for her trips to find inspiration and "change the wind" of her workspace.

“Currently, Phu Quoc is the city I dream of living and working in. Every time I come to Phu Quoc, I see many new changes, from new hotels and resorts to amusement parks, entertainment, restaurants… Recently, I am very impressed with the Mediterranean town in An Thoi, unbelievably in Vietnam, there is a place as beautiful as the colorful old towns of Italy", Phuong Thao said. She also assessed that Phu Quoc is developing and is always fresh, friendly and pleasant, like the development of Da Nang before. According to her, that's why more and more digital nomads like her are choosing to "migrate" to Phu Quoc.
Sun Group's Mediterranean town in An Thoi.

According to many experts, digital nomad is one of the trends contributing to the creation of "liveable cities" in the world, with the concentration of 4.0 residents, global residents. Wherever there is a digital nomad, that place will increase in popularity. Thuc Hanh shared, a Singaporean friend, after admiring the beautiful photos and her life in Phu Quoc, was interested and immediately planned to come here for the next year's "plowing" season.

Not only bringing the spread on digital media, the digital nomad community also directly helps to increase the number of short-term residents, long-term tourists and the crowdedness of the destinations, thereby creating a source of income for the locality, increasing purchasing power, service usage, and real estate prices. With the current development, Phu Quoc is gradually becoming a favorite destination of digital nomads, and a livable city is also taking shape in the "paradise island".

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