Thursday, December 23, 2021

Quiet cafe in a cemetery in Germany

Coming to Strauss cafe in Berlin, Germany, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy cake and coffee in a quiet space, overlooking the ancient, silent cemetery.

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Some people find eating and drinking just a few steps away from the graves is quite strange and creepy, for people in the Kreuzberg area, Bergmannkiez, Berlin, Germany, this is normal. In German, "friedhof" - cemetery - means "place of peace". And Friedrichswerderscher is a cemetery with a peaceful, quiet setting among many verdant trees.

Strauss came up with the idea to open the shop while restoring graves in the cemetery with a history dating back to 1844. When he learned that part of the chapel - formerly a funeral home - was renting out, he registered and spend a year repairing, decorating it.

Today, Café Strauss is a space for the living. The sunny patio becomes a place for elderly local guests to come to read the newspaper, eat cake and drink coffee.

Peaceful space, close to nature at the cemetery.

The cafe is located a short distance from the flower shop, visitors to the grave can buy flowers, visit relatives, and then rest at the shop to chat and remember.

Even so, the guests often spoke softly, or said nothing, out of respect for the deceased. Not long after the bar opened, locals began placing graves nearby, so that relatives could visit comfortably after their death.

The number of seats here is quite limited, you can come early in the morning when the shop just opens to choose a nice seating. At the same time, locals often dress modestly and behave in moderation when here.

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