Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Romantic spots to greet Christmas in Hanoi

The entertainment venues with Christmas decorations are the rendezvous for you to enjoy the festive atmosphere at the end of the year.

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In December, Christmas atmosphere fills many streets of the capital. Churches, shopping centers or cafes are often decorated shimmeringly for the festive season. You can immediately pocket the following famous places to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones and friends in Hanoi.

Sword Lake

Sword Lake is the symbol of the capital and is also the leading famous entertainment destination. On Christmas, this place becomes even more attractive with a colorfully decorated appearance.

Ho Guom Walking Street, which is bustling on weekends, during Christmas, the atmosphere here becomes even more vibrant and boisterous. Many events take place such as street art space, "Santa Claus" giving gifts to children...

Visitors can walk the streets, explore the night market or take check-in pictures and enjoy specialty dishes from street vendors...

Photo: Lamdtinsta.
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St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi

Every Christmas season, the Cathedral becomes the most popular name when people want to find a place to have fun and take check-in photo.

The work has impressive, majestic and ancient architecture, located in the city center, near Sword Lake. Every year, a large Christmas tree is erected in the front of the church from about early December. Besides, there is also a scene of baby Jesus and the cave behind the church is brightly lit. 

If you choose this place as a destination on Christmas Eve, you need to come early, because the number of people flocking is very large and often crowded. However, in addition to the Cathedral, visitors can also visit some other famous churches in Hanoi such as: Ham Long Church, Cua Bac Church, Sainte Marie Church, Hang Bot Church, Nam Dong Church…

Photo: Raira_pg, Hn_oday.

Hang Ma street

Not only Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas and New Year is also the time when the bustling and colorful atmosphere fills Hang Ma Street.

This place is an ideal place to check-in the year-end festival season of photography lovers in the capital. Thousands of decorative items are sold throughout the small street such as Santa Claus, pine trees, snowflakes, bell flowers, snow globes, reindeer stuffed animals...

Coming to Hang Ma Street, young people can go shopping, choose for themselves some lovely items or take check-in pictures, save themselves beautiful photos in the sparkling space of colors.

Photo: Lingg26, Ryu.

Shopping centers

From the beginning of December, the big shopping centers in Hanoi have put on new clothes with colorful miniatures and Christmas trees. The eye-catching shapes attract a lot of young people and families with young children. In combination with shopping, you can take advantage of taking pictures.

In addition to the bustling atmosphere, joyful music, each shopping center has its own unique point in the Christmas season. Times City has a special water music stage, Roal City with a large square area decorated with shimmering lights or Aeon Mall Long Bien, Vincom Ba Trieu, Lotte Center Hanoi are also brilliant with impressively decorated miniatures.

Photo:, Eijinga_hanoi.

High-rise coffee shop

Just checking-in with the Christmas decoration space while watching the beautiful Hanoi night from above is a romantic experience for couples.

Not only has a cool outdoor space, a beautiful view to see the city, with the investment in decorative models such as pine trees, snowflakes, Santa Claus... the cafes attract young people to come to take check-in photos, greet early Christmas. In addition, the additional menu of Christmas-themed food and drink sets is also a unique attraction.

You can visit destinations such as The Summit Bar, G-Kim's Coffe and Tea, Trill Rooftop Cafe, EM Rooftop... to enjoy a complete Christmas eve.

Photo: Trill Rooftop Cafe, The Summit Bar.

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