Friday, December 24, 2021

The cafe in a Ede long house

Located in an idyllic campus, close to nature, Arul cafe is a favorite destination of many city dwellers and tourists.

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Arul coffee shop is located on the main road leading to Ako Dhong - a village of the Ede and M'Nong people in the heart of Buon Ma Thuot city, Dak Lak province. From the outside, the shop does not stand out, but is easily confused with the long houses in the village. However, if you pay attention a little, you will see the gate and sign of the cafe, boldly indigenous.

The shop consists of 3 long houses with tiled roofs, one of which is for parking, and the remaining 2 long stilt houses in the style of the Ede house as a coffee space. All 3 are located in a green campus.

In the middle is an old long house, built in the 1980s of the last century. The gable of the house faces the street like most houses in the village. From the yard go up to the front porch by the Tay Nguyen wooden stairs. Before becoming a cafe, this was a place to live.

The architecture of the house is still kept almost original with the main wood material. There are doors in front and back, and windows on both sides. Coffee tables are low ones of rustic natural wood, coffee drinkers sit right on the wooden floor.

A kitchen corner full of cooking utensils is located in the old long house. In addition to the kitchen corner, the house still preserves and displays many ethnic items of the Central Highlands such as brocade cloth, rattan baskets, jars, ceramic pots...

The back porch is also an airy coffee space with rustic tables and chairs typical of the Central Highlands and a cool green garden.

Next to the ancient long house is a newly built longhouse, also made of wood and tiled roofs. In this new house, there are no walls, but four sides open to the garden and nature.

Between the houses is a garden, green trees wich create harmony and closeness to nature.

On the premises of the shop, there are wooden statues in the style of the Central Highlands tombs and many rustic tables and chairs carved with indigenous patterns.

Pham Quynh Anh (right), from Ea Tam ward, Buon Ma Thuot city, went to the shop with his brother, sharing: "Although I just came to the shop for the first time, I have "fallen in love" with this space. The shop has a rustic beauty. It is very interesting to sit here, it brings a quiet, close, and warm feeling as if sitting in a house, not a coffee shop. I will definitely come back."

The coffee here is very "chill" because of the famous Ban Me coffee land itself, the price is only from 20,000 VND a cup. The shop is open from 7am to 10pm daily.

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